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High-efficiency low-carbon hot-blast stove green intelligent Annec

The 3 × 2922m ³ Blast Furnace 1# Blast Furnace in Tanggang New District of Hegang, which was contracted by Annike, was successfully ignited.





On September 7, 2020, with the Hegang Group Party Secretary, Chairman Yu Yong issued a production order, Hegang Tanggang New District No. 1 2922m ³ blast furnace successfully ignited the scene of thunderous cheers. This marks a key breakthrough in the location adjustment of Hebei's iron and steel industry, and Hegang Group's assembly call for facing the future and strengthening the sea is thus sounded!

Hegang Tanggang New District is located in Tangshan Leting Economic Development Zone. A total of 3 2922m ³ blast furnaces have been built. Each blast furnace is equipped with 3 "rotary cutting top-burning hot stoves" jointly developed by China Metallurgical Jingcheng and Anneke ". The hot blast stove burns blast furnace gas and air gas for double preheating, and adopts the working system of two fires and one delivery to realize the air supply temperature ≥ 1250 ℃,NOxEmissions ≤ 70 mg/m ³, design service life ≥ 25 years. The refractory materials for the hot blast stove system of the three blast furnaces are all integrated and supplied by Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd.

In order to realize the design goal of "the world's cleanest steel plant" in Tanggang New District of Hegang, the hot blast stove system has been adhering to the concept of integration, saving and green from the beginning of design. Based on the industry's advanced dynamic accurate digitization-intelligent design system of hot blast stove, and based on the joint test platform of digital model-cold state-hot state of top-burning hot blast stove, MCC Jingcheng and Anneke have realized the digital accurate calculation and design of all process parameters of hot blast stove, CO and NO of hot blast stove.XThe emission index of such pollutants is more than 30% lower than the "Tangshan ultra-low emission standard" which is the strictest in the industry at present, so as to realize the ultra-low emission of hot blast stove flue gas and promote the ecological and green development of ironmaking system.

Up to now, 1# blast furnace has been put into operation, 2# blast furnace hot blast furnace has been completed, 3# blast furnace hot blast furnace construction is in progress. Annike will continue to carry forward the core culture of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction", and contribute its own strength to make the blast furnace hot blast stove project of Hegang Tanggang New District Project a model project of green hot blast stove.

1# blast furnace commissioning site

1# Blast Furnace Hot Blast Stove