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Chairman Li Fuchao honored as "Outstanding Entrepreneur"





On July 22, the "2020 National Entrepreneur Activity Day Zhengzhou Branch" event was grandly held in the conference center of the Yellow River Guest House in Zhengzhou. At the meeting, "Zhengzhou Transformation and Innovation Outstanding Enterprise and Outstanding Entrepreneur" was commended and awarded, and Mr. Li Fuchao, Chairman of Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd., was awarded the title of "Zhengzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur.

"Outstanding Entrepreneur" is an excellent representative of the business community in Zhengzhou, and a successful practitioner of innovation and development. In recent years, under the leadership of the management team with Chairman Li Fuchao as the core, Annike has made great achievements in the field of scientific and technological innovation and won a number of provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological awards, among which the project "Super Large Blast Furnace High Air Temperature Hot Blast Stove" was nominated for the "2020 National Science and Technology Progress Award. There are more than 60 integrated patents and proprietary technologies of Anneke cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove, which are closely researched and developed around hot problems such as low air temperature, low thermal efficiency, high gas consumption, high NOx emission value, dislocation of burner nozzle, collapse of hot blast outlet, sinking of lattice brick, and short service life of hot blast stove caused by deformation of pipe system in China, it has completely solved the pain points of frequent blast furnace shutdown and high cost before iron due to the above-mentioned problems. With the technical advantages of "high air temperature, long life and low energy consumption", it has helped the green development of the iron and steel industry. More than 200 hot blast furnace projects from 600m to 3000m have been newly built and renovated at home and abroad in the EPC general contracting mode.

The title of "Zhengzhou Outstanding Entrepreneur" is an affirmation of the work of the chairman of Annike Li Fuchao, and it is an incentive for Annike people to continue to move forward in the future. Anneke people will closely unite under the leadership of the management team with Chairman Li Fuchao as the core, with the mission of continuously promoting the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, and make unremitting efforts to become the preferred service provider of global high-level industry.