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In order to deeply analyze the quality problems existing in the company's combined bricks and pre-assemblies, so that employees can fully understand and improve them, so as to improve customer satisfaction. On the afternoon of May 26, 2020, Fuliang Company organized the workshop directors, chief squad leaders and combined workshop employees to hold an on-site meeting on the analysis and improvement of combined quality problems in the 4# library of Fuliang Company's combined workshop. Zhou Fuchen, vice president of the company, and Yang Yamin, assistant minister of quality control department, attended the meeting and made speeches.

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Fuqiang, manager of Fuliang Company. At the meeting, Manager Zhang Fuqiang and Assistant Minister Yang Yamin made a detailed interpretation of the "Analysis Report and Improvement Measures on the Quality Problems of Composite Bricks and Pre-assembled Bricks". Since 2020, the Quality Control Department has inspected and collected 289 sets of composite bricks and 25 sets are unqualified, of which 14 sets are unqualified for pre-assembled bricks in pre-mixed rooms, accounting for 56%. The analysis report listed in detail many quality problems occurred in the assembly and acceptance process of the pre-assembly due to inconsistent technical standards, mismatch between brick design and pre-assembly size requirements, discrepancy between the size and quantity of the pre-assembly and the original design. The reasons were deeply analyzed and the corresponding improvement measures were introduced. The employees at the meeting benefited a lot and said one after another that the form of the on-site meeting could enable employees to directly understand the problems, the improvement measures are a collection of the company's deep technical accumulation, continuous improvement, continuous improvement, Annike will continue to develop.

Zhou Fuchen, vice president of the company, concluded and stressed that the production branch should strictly control the quality of each section, strengthen the main responsibility of quality control, resolutely implement the quality management concept of "good products are manufactured, not tested", practice the purpose of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction" with practical actions, continuously promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, and strive to become the preferred service provider of the global high temperature industry!