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Shanxi Gaoyi Gas Nozzle Forming Brick Trial Successfully





Shanxi Gaoyi 1080m ³ blast furnace supporting hot blast stove project is supplied by Annike Company as the general contractor of refractory materials. Annike cone-column composite three-dimensional mixed burner is adopted. In order to create better value for customers, the gas section is optimized into a new scheme of forming bricks under the mature ceramic wear-resistant pouring scheme in the early stage.
This is the first time that Annike has adopted this innovative plan. The company's leaders attach great importance to it and hold a special meeting to deploy the design, production, pre-group and delivery progress, and give guidance and solutions to the difficulties raised by various departments.
The cone-column composite gas nozzle is a three-dimensional inclined rotating structure, the nozzle brick is complex, and the upper and lower with arc and circular convex groove. In order to facilitate production, pre-assembly and on-site construction, the design department of the engineering technology company jointly discussed the design scheme with the mechanical and electrical workshop, pre-assembly workshop, molding workshop and after-sales personnel of fuliang company when decomposing brick types in the early stage. After joint discussion, the nozzle general brick quickly determine the decomposition scheme, and put into production. However, the nozzle bottom cover brick is the most complex brick type. After 5 versions of the design scheme, the design department and the Fuliang mold workshop finally determined the brick type that conforms to the actual production and has the best performance.
On the afternoon of April 29, when the first nozzle cover brick was trial-produced, vice president Zhou fuchen, manager Zhang fuqiang of fuliang company, director of technology center yin kunbao, minister of production safety and environment Zhang yafei and other relevant personnel were on site to guide the whole process from mold assembly, raw material mixing and grinding to molding and demoulding. After forming, the brick has a smooth appearance. According to Qian Zhenyong's measurement by the design department of the engineering technology company, the size meets the requirements of the drawing. The tolerance is within the range of 1mm and the precision can be achieved within the range of 600mm. This reflects Anneke's solid manufacturing skills. The on-site leaders praised all the personnel engaged in this research and development and production.

The successful trial production of the first sample brick has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent mass production and timely delivery. I believe that in the subsequent pre-assembly and on-site construction, Annike team will continue to carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation and overcome difficulties to create the greatest value for customers.