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In order to improve the skill level of front-line employees, the design service department of Zhengzhou annike industrial co., ltd. organized all quality inspectors of the quality control department and all members of the selection and packaging workshop to hold a learning and training meeting on the theme of "improving the drawing ability of front-line employees and combining theory with practical work" on April 10, 2020 in the conference room on the second floor of annike fuhua branch.

Training meeting site
The learning meeting was presided over by Qian Zhenyong of the Design Service Department. First, the concept, formation and projection characteristics of the three views in the engineering drawing were explained. Then, the key points and difficult points in single brick measurement were explained by combining the siliceous products produced by Fuhua Company, such as siliceous lattice brick, siliceous wall brick, combustion chamber combination brick and siliceous orifice combination brick.
In order to solve the problem of overall size deviation of the combination made due to single brick tolerance in the combination in recent years, and to let employees understand the origin and importance of the standard tolerance formulation of single brick for the finished product of the combination, Qian Zhenyong explained the key points of graded selection of single brick for the combined product and the relationship between single brick and combination combination when explaining the selection of single brick finished product of the combination, combining the brick drawing and the general drawing of hot blast stove. After hearing this, the staff at the meeting said one after another: in the past, they only knew what the standard was and how to do it, but they did not understand why they did it. Through training, they completed the transformation from knowing what it was to knowing why.
In the lecture room, front-line employees put forward questions and discussed them in combination with their actual work experience. Especially when referring to the measurement of the thickness of the four corners and four dimensions of the combustion chamber composite brick, because most of the four corners and four dimensions of the single brick actually produced are different positive and negative, in the actual measurement, it is difficult for everyone to measure and judge. After discussion, various situations of tolerance and judgment standards are analyzed, and finally the measurement standards are unified and simplified. Everyone said that such results will greatly improve their work efficiency, it will be immediately applied to future work. Teaching to achieve the problem as a guide to solve practical problems for the purpose of the effect.
Through this training, there is a new improvement in the level of front-line staff in reading pictures.Gao, he has a deeper theoretical understanding of his work, and the designers have also gained richer practical experience. This is not only a training course, but also a learning course for mutual exchange and common improvement. The design service department of the engineering technology company will also continuously strengthen training and study in the later period, and carry out targeted internal training for all employees of the branch to improve the strength of anike's technical team.