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Zhengzhou City Leaders Visit Annike for Investigation





On the afternoon of March 10, 2020, Zhengzhou Municipal Standing Committee, Political and Legal Committee Secretary Yu Donghui, Zhengzhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Zhang Chunyang and other leaders came to Annike to investigate the "send policy to send services to send elements of strong confidence" work. Company President Zhang Daoyun and Party Secretary Lu Yingjun accompanied the leaders to visit the company's technology research and development center and exhibition hall, and introduced the company's resumption of production and work and the development of the "three get one strong" work to the leaders.

On March 8, the Xinmi municipal party committee and municipal government issued the "Xinmi City in the epidemic prevention and control period to carry out for enterprises" send policy to send services to send elements of strong confidence "activities month implementation plan, decided to carry out in the city for the enterprise service activities. This service activity started on March 10 and ended on April 10, lasting one month.

The purpose of this survey is to send enterprises new supporting policies and supporting measures issued by the state, provinces and cities, as well as new measures by departments, to help enterprises coordinate and solve practical difficulties such as employment security, epidemic prevention material reserve, industrial chain matching, raw material procurement, market sales, etc., to solve the bottleneck of factors such as employment, land, capital and epidemic prevention material reserve in the process of resuming work and production, and to guide enterprises to strengthen their confidence in development, stimulate the development of enterprises endogenous power, as soon as possible to achieve the resumption of production.

Xinmi Municipal Party Committee Secretary Hao Tiequn, Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Zhang Hongwei, Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Quliang Industrial Cluster, Quliang Town and other major leaders accompanied the investigation.

Lu Yingjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company, introduced the technical advantages of Annike to the research leaders.

Company President Zhang Daoyun and Party Secretary Lu Yingjun introduced the main situation of Annike's resumption of work and production to the research leaders.