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Annike's "Super Large Blast Furnace High Blast Temperature Hot Blast Stove" Project Nominated for "2020 National Science and Technology Progress Award"





Recently, the China Iron and Steel Association issued the "Announcement on Nominating 2020 National Science and Technology Award Projects". The project "Research and Application of Key Technologies and Equipment for High Air Temperature, High Efficiency and Cleaning of Ultra-large Blast Furnace" jointly completed by Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Anneke), Shougang International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Shougang Jingtang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Science and Technology was nominated as "National Science and Technology" 2020 "second prize".

Yin Ruiyu, Gan Yong, Zhang Shourong,Xu DelongMany academicians and experts agreed that the project reached the international leading level. The project research relies on Shougang Jingtang National Major Project and China's first 5000m3Class super-large blast furnace independent design and construction, around China's blast furnace wind temperature for a long time low, high fuel ratio of technical problems, industry, research and research team jointly carried out more than ten years of research, to overcome the super-large blast furnace high wind temperature acquisition, high temperature hot wind transportation and high wind temperature use and other core key technical problems. The project results have won 5 provincial and ministerial first prizes, including 1 first prize for scientific and technological progress in Henan Province, 2 first prizes for metallurgical science and technology, 1 first prize for science and technology in Beijing, and 1 gold award for excellent engineering design of the Ministry of Housing and Construction. 55 patents have been granted, including 25 invention patents and 2 international patents.

During the research and development process of the project, Annike has developed a multi-multi-phase composite refractory material with excellent comprehensive performance for the ceramic burner under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and cyclic alternating working conditions, combined with the conditions of refractory resources in China. The special refractory bricks for mullite-andalusite-cordierite ceramic burners and the series of high-efficiency heat storage lattice bricks with Chinese characteristics have been developed successively, which have high soft temperature (≥ 1550 ℃), excellent creep resistance (creep rate ≤ 0.8 at 1350 ℃) and high thermal shock resistance (1100 ℃-water cooling> 100 times; 1300 ℃-water cooling> 30 times), among them, the high-efficiency heat storage lattice brick improves the heat exchange efficiency by 26.3 compared with the international advanced heat storage brick through the collaborative optimization of the aperture, hole type, structure and material of the heat storage brick. Under the same working conditions, the difference between the vault temperature and the hot air temperature is reduced by 26 ℃ year on year, the heat storage-heat release capacity of the hot blast stove is improved by 21%, and the project investment is reduced by about 10%-18%.

Anneke also pioneered a comprehensive test platform for top-fired hot-blast stoves, editor-in-chief "Technical Specification for Energy Saving of Top Burning Hot Blast Stove with High Air Temperature for Blast Furnace" (GB/T30163-2013), "Technical Specification for Refractory Materials for Top Burning Hot Blast Stove" (YB/T4638-2017), "Refractory Brick for Hot Blast Stove Ceramic Burner" (YBT4128-2014), "Silica Brick" (GB/T2608-2012), "High Alumina Brick" (GB/T2988-2012), Clay Brick (GBT34188-2017) (YB/T4369-2018) and other 11 national and industry technical standards, A number of core key top-burning hot blast stove technologies have been formed. The leading top-burning hot blast stove technology and refractory materials have been successively used in Shougang Jingtang 3 × 5500 m.3Blast furnace, Baowu Zhangang 3 × 5050 m3Blast furnace, Anyang Iron and Steel 4747 m3Blast furnace, Shanxi Taigang 4747 m3Blast furnace, Baotou Steel 2 × 4150 m3Blast furnace, river steel group 5 × 3200 m3Blast furnace, vertical and horizontal Fengnan 2 × 3200 m3Blast furnace, Xinjiang Bayi Steel 3 × 2500 m3Blast furnace, Xichang Steel Vanadium 3 × 1780 m3Blast furnace, Zhongtian Steel 3 × 1580 m3The successful application of more than 600 hot blast stove projects such as blast furnaces and large and medium-sized blast furnaces has completely solved the problems of low blast temperature, high fuel ratio, short life, high emission, large investment and other key technologies and refractory materials mismatch in China's top combustion hot blast stove.


Attached Figure: List of National Science and Technology Award Projects Nominated by China Iron and Steel Association in 2020