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High-efficiency low-carbon hot-blast stove green intelligent Annec

Annike completely breaks through foreign technical barriers, hot blast stove technology leads the mainstream of ironmaking in the world





A few days ago, Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. design and development of Annike cone column composite top combustion hot blast stove was approved by Japan, Russia two international patents.

Anneke cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove has been used in more than 200 large and medium-sized blast furnaces at home and abroad for a long time, with the following technical advantages:The technology of Anneke cone-column composite top-fired hot-blast stove has been systematically developed to solve the hot-spot problems such as low air temperature, low thermal efficiency, high gas consumption, high NOx emission value, misplacement of burner nozzle, collapse of hot-blast outlet, sinking of lattice brick, and short service life of hot-blast stove caused by deformed brick falling of pipe system, and has completely solved the pain points of frequent blast furnace air suspension and high cost before iron.

1, single burning blast furnace gas to achieve high air temperature above 1250 ℃

Anneke cone-column composite top-fired hot blast stove burner adopts the key technology of air gas space swirl and radial trickle high-speed injection, mixing evenly, and realizes stable short-flame combustion in the vault space. The air excess coefficient realizes complete combustion of gas under 1.03 conditions, which increases the combustion temperature of gas by about 20 ℃ compared with other hot blast stoves. Its unique enhanced combustion and enhanced heat exchange technology combined with reasonable heat accumulator design, reduce the difference between vault temperature and air supply temperature to less than 80 ℃. The high air temperature above 1250 ℃ can be realized under the condition of single combustion of blast furnace gas and double preheating of air gas.

2. The service life of hot blast stove body and pipeline is more than 30 years

Anike cone-column composite top-fired hot air stove adopts 69 patents and proprietary technologies, such as three-stage independent structure, easy-to-purge and non-displacement three-dimensional burner, rectifying and guiding device in return flow area at variable diameter, plate-like interlocking flat vault, multi-ring interlocking anti-channeling hot air outlet, high-efficiency small-hole lattice brick edge brick positioning mosaic, "Z-shaped" self-locking closed pipeline, composite brick pouring three fork, etc, thoroughly solve the top-burning hot-blast stove burner nozzle dislocation brick, hot-blast outlet and arch collapse, hot-blast stove lattice brick sinking, hot-blast pipe main branch pipe three-way fork collapse and other problems, to achieve a stable hot-blast stove system for more than 30 years.

3. The thermal efficiency of the hot blast stove system is more than 90%

Anike cone-column composite top-fired hot blast stove adopts a three-dimensional hybrid high-efficiency burner, which has a small air excess coefficient, improves fuel utilization, reduces combustion-supporting air consumption, and achieves a higher vault temperature. Its unique three-dimensional mixed combustion technology shortens the flame length, saves the combustion space, the furnace design is more compact, and the heat dissipation area of the furnace shell in the high temperature zone is smaller than that of other top-burning hot stoves. In order to improve the life of the furnace shell and reduce heat loss, the thermal insulation layer of the Annike cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove is sprayed with low thermal conductivity materials and the surface of the furnace shell to ensure that the temperature of the upper furnace shell of the combustion chamber and the regenerator is less than or equal to 80 degrees C, and the temperature of the furnace shell in other parts is less than or equal to 60 degrees C. The hot blast stove flue gas adopts high-efficiency heat exchange system for waste heat recovery, and the overall thermal efficiency of the hot blast stove reaches more than 90%.

4. Blast furnace gas consumption reduced by 5%

The three-dimensional mixing burner of the anke cone-column composite top-fired hot blast stove is fully mixed, completely burned, energy-saving and efficient. Gas nozzles are distributed on the cone section of the burner, with multiple rows of nozzles with different mixing radii rotating downward movement, forming three-dimensional mixing with the lower air nozzles, saving more than 5% of gas compared with other forms of hot blast stoves.

5, NOx emissions are lower than the national ultra-low emission standard 65%

Anneke cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove technology achieves stable combustion under ultra-low air excess coefficient, heat storage lattice brick heat exchange area and heat storage volume both, higher thermal efficiency. When the dome temperature is ≤ 1330 ℃, the air supply temperature is ≥ 1250 ℃, and the NOx emission is ≤ 50 mg/m.3NOx emissions are more than 65% lower than the national ultra-low emission standard.

Over the years, in order to achieve high temperature and long life, energy saving and low consumption, intensive capital reduction of blast furnace hot blast stove, anneke has successively presided over the drafting of "Technical Specification for Energy Saving of Top Burning Hot Blast Stove with High Blast Temperature" (GB/T30163-2013), "Technical Specification for Refractory Materials for Top Burning Hot Blast Stove" (YB/T4638-2017), "Refractory Brick for Hot Blast Stove Ceramic Burner" (YBT4128-2014), "Silica Brick" (GB/T2608-2012), "High Alumina Brick" (GB/T2988-2012) with red pillar stone brick "(YB/T4369-2018) and other 11 national and industry standards. In the field of top-burning hot blast stove technology, Anneke has formed a precise design system and perfect technical standards. It is Shougang Jingtang 3 × 5500 m blast furnace, Baowu Zhangang 3 × 5050 m blast furnace, Anyang Iron and Steel 4747 m blast furnace, Shanxi Taigang 4747 m blast furnace, Baotou Iron and Steel 2 × 4150 m blast furnace, Hegang Group 5 × 3200 m blast furnace, Zongfengnan 2 × 3200 m blast furnace, Xinjiang Bayang 3 × 2500m blast furnace, Xichang Vanadium blast furnace 3 × 1780m, Zhongtian Iron and Steel more than 600 hot blast stoves of large and medium-sized and extra-large blast furnaces such as 3 × 1580m ³ blast furnaces provide hot blast stove technology and refractory services, more than 60 hot air stoves have been in stable operation for more than 15 years.

In recent years, Anneke has followed "the belt and road initiative" and actively expanded the international market, the construction of JSW 4233 m blast furnace in India, CSP 3800 m blast furnace in Brazil, Edemir 3200 m blast furnace in Turkey, Zaland 1800 m blast furnace in Iran, 1750m blast furnace in Indonesia, 2 × 1800 m blast furnace in Dexin Krakatau, Isdemir1600 blast furnace in Turkey, 1595m blast furnace in Serbia, 4 × 1080 m blast furnace in Vietnam and 4 × m blast furnace in Sweden SSAB Oxelosund has been completed.


Internationally renowned companies Danieli Corus (Danieli Corus) and Hyundai Steel (Hyundai Steel) have carried out in-depth cooperation with Annie in 4000 m to 6000 m high-furnace top-fired hot stoves. The official approval of the two international patents in Japan and Russia will certainly promote the technology of Anneke cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove to completely break through foreign technical barriers and provide more reliable technical support for the world's blast furnace ironmaking!