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Company Held 2018 Ministerial Democratic Life Meeting





2018Year3Month25Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd.2018The annual ministerial-level democratic life meeting was held at the Shanju Hotel in Jianshan Scenic Area, xinmi city. The meeting was presided over by Lu Yingjun, secretary of the company's party committee. Chairman Li Fuchao, assistant to the president Yan Juxin, chief engineer Ye Fangbao, heads of departments and branch managers attended the meeting.

Party Secretary Lu Yingjun first told the company2018Year1The red article and the management team's annual award plan were publicized and interpreted, and then each department focused on how to truly implement the core culture of "customer satisfaction" and how to effectively promote it.2018Report and share the three aspects of the key work of the department and how to correctly understand the dialectical relationship between quality and output. All participants based on their posts, right2018The key work of the department determined by the company in 2002 reported specific ideas and implementation plans, and analyzed and reflected on the department management and its own problems. Other participants also put forward some good opinions or suggestions on the specific work of each department.

Chairman Li Fuchao made objective and accurate comments on the work of each reporter and his own advantages and disadvantages, affirmed the achievements in the department's work, and pointed out the shortcomings of the department's work and individuals. I hope that all departments of the company will develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses in their future work, give full play to their own advantages, and constantly improve their own shortcomings.2018The guiding ideology of the year is guided by the core culture of "customer satisfaction", unifying thinking, unifying pace and unifying action, in order to better realize the company.2018Annual operating indicators and work together!

Li Chaohong, General Manager of Marketing Company, Report on Marketing Work

Zhang Yafei, Minister of Production Equipment Department, Report on Production Work

Chief Engineer Ye Fangbao reports on quality management