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Sanmenxia Lingbao City Investigation Group Visits Annike





On May 9, 2018, Shi Qixin, member of the Standing Committee of Xinmi Municipal Committee and director of Xinmi Industrial Agglomeration Area, and Zhang Zhiqiang, assistant mayor, accompanied the leaders of Sanmenxia Lingbao Municipal Committee and his party to Annike to investigate the scientific and technological innovation and transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Xinmi City.

The delegation listened to Secretary Lu Yingjun's introduction to the company.

The Lingbao municipal party Committee delegation first came to the office building of anike top-burning hot blast stove technology research and development center and listened to the introduction of the company's overall situation by Lu yingjun, secretary of the company's party Committee. then the delegation visited the company's technology research and development center. yin kunbao, engineer of the research and development center, gave a key report to the delegation on the company's technology research and development and product testing work.

The delegation visited the R & D center of the company

Later, the delegation came to the exhibition hall of the company. Yang Yange, manager of the marketing company, introduced the company's development process, factory area distribution, hot blast stove technology development process and the company's latest scientific research achievements in the field of hot blast stove technology, focusing on the operation and far-reaching impact of the company's first international EPC project, the Serbian hot blast stove renovation project of Hegang, after it was put into operation. When everyone heard that Annike's own patented technology "cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove" was exported to Serbia, Vietnam, India and other countries along the route under the framework of the national "Belt and Road" to realize the value-added of industrial technology, a group of people One after another said: The mastery of core technology by an enterprise is a strong support for an enterprise to go abroad and become bigger and stronger.

The delegation listened to the technical introduction of the company's "cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove".

As the first stop of this inspection, the Lingbao Municipal Party Committee delegation left a deep impression on the technological innovation and transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Xinmi City, and was deeply impressed by the core technology of Anneke's "cone-column composite top-burning hot stove" and the company's active participation in the country. The enthusiasm and achievements of the "Belt and Road" construction are full of praise.

The delegation exchanged their thoughts on the inspection.