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All Annike Party Members Go to Hongqi Canal to Study





Group photo of all Party members in the Red Flag Canal Red Education Base


On July 29, 2018, all party members of Zhengzhou anike industrial co., ltd visited the red education base of red flag canal in Linzhou, Henan province to learn and experience the spirit of red flag canal.

All party members first visited the "Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall." under the leadership of the commentator, all party members and comrades through vivid historical pictures, precious cultural relics exhibits, and touching heroic deeds. I felt the shocking scene of the people of Linzhou building the Red Flag Canal at that time, and I was all moved by the spirit of self-reliance, hard struggle, and continuous self-improvement of the people of Linzhou.

In the "Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall", the party committee of the company organized all party members to carry out the theme activity of "singing a red song to the party". All party members had a loud voice and high passion. Through the singing of "singing the motherland", "unity is strength" and "Anke's song", they sang the strong patriotism and love of all party members, attracting other tourists to stop and watch.

Then all the party members came along the mountain road to the throat project of the main canal of the Red Flag Canal-Youth Cave. All Party members in front of the Youth Cave wear the Party emblem, raise their right hands, clench their fists and solemnly swear. By reviewing the oath of joining the party, let the party members review the solemn commitment and firm determination when taking the oath of joining the party, and accept the purification and baptism of the soul under the party's banner. The subsequent two poems, "Praise the Red Flag Canal" and "Hold the Party's Flag High", pushed the atmosphere of the event to a climax.

At the end of the Youth Cave activity, all party members visited the Red Flag Canal on the spot along the channel built on the mountain, walked on the plank road built close to the cliff, looked at the Red Flag Canal water passing through the mountain, and once again felt the hardships and difficulties of "Yugong rising up for ten years, attracting Zhanghe Runtian He", and witnessed the greatness of the Red Flag Canal project on the spot.

Through this red education and study of the Red Flag Canal, all party members and comrades have been baptized in their hearts, and their thoughts have been sublimated. They have a deep understanding and feeling of the Red Flag Canal spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication.

After the end of this trip to the Red Flag Canal, party members and comrades actively summarized on the way back, saying that they must keep in mind the political responsibilities and historical missions of party members in the next work, and continue to maintain the advanced nature and purity of party members. Full enthusiasm to devote themselves to their respective work, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members, and base themselves on their own work, carry forward the Red Flag Canal spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication" and make greater contributions to the development of Anneke.

Photo of Red Flag Canal Memorial Hall

Visit the Memorial Hall and Feel the Spirit of the Red Flag Canal