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Xu Liyi, Secretary of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, Visited Annike for Investigation





On the afternoon of August 7, 2019, Xu Liyi, member of the standing Committee of the Henan Provincial CPC Committee and secretary of the Zhengzhou Municipal CPC Committee, and his entourage went to Xinmi to investigate and guide the work of Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd., accompanied by Zhang Daoyun, president of the company, and Lu Yingjun, secretary of the party committee.

Secretary Xu and his party came to Annike's top-burning hot blast stove technology research and development center and visited the company's technology research and development testing center and the company's exhibition hall successively.Zhang Daoyun, president of the company, reported in detail to Xu Liyi, secretary of the company's development process and technological innovation of blast furnace hot blast stove.After hearing that Anneke closely followed the strategic pace of the country's "Belt and Road Initiative" and successfully promoted the fourth-generation top-burning hot blast stove (Anneke style) with independent intellectual property rights to Serbia, Vietnam, India, Russia and other countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route, Secretary Xu fully affirmed and encouraged Anneke to continue technological innovation and persist in being better and stronger, more Chinese technology and Chinese standards to the international market.

When talking about the environmental protection governance and ultra-low emission transformation of enterprises, Secretary Xu stressed that enterprises must put environmental protection work in the first place, actively fulfill their social responsibilities, and do a good job in environmental protection governance.At the same time, enterprises should speed up the transformation of the mode of development, adhere to green development, speed up the pace of transformation, strengthen the combination of industry-university-research and core technology research and development, absorb and gather innovative elements at home and abroad, and speed up the pace of digitalization, networking and intelligence of enterprises. we will promote the development of enterprises to high-end, green and integrated, and further support the high-quality development of national central cities.

President Zhang Daoyun said that he will bear in mind Secretary Xu's entrustment, conscientiously do a good job in environmental protection, strengthen scientific and technological innovation and core technology research and development, speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and live up to the ardent expectations of municipal leaders. to make greater contributions to supporting the high-quality development of national central cities.