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In order to effectively safeguard the physical and mental health of employees and hold up a "health umbrella" for employees, from November 20 to 21, 2019, Zhengzhou Meinian Health Examination Center, entrusted by Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd., carried out health examination for all on-the-job employees.

The physical examination items include physical examination, internal medicine, surgery, color Doppler ultrasound blood pressure, blood routine, urine routine, liver function, fasting blood glucose, chest X-ray, ophthalmology, otolaryngology and other items.

Employees participating in the physical examination began to queue up early to receive the physical examination form and completed the examination item by item under the guidance of medical staff. This health examination fully reflects the company's concern for employees, makes employees feel the warmth of the collective family, not only enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, but also stimulates the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employees to do their own work well. Everyone said: "through physical examination, we can understand our physical condition in time, find out the high risk factors and potential disease hidden dangers that affect our health as soon as possible, and get professional health advice, so as to achieve the purpose of 'early diagnosis, early prevention and early treatment. The next step will be to strengthen physical exercise, improve physical fitness, actively participate in work with a good attitude, meet new challenges, and contribute to the company's safe production and transformation and development."

Staff queue for X-rays