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Annike Innovation Development Strategy Seminar Successfully Held





In order to promote the company's scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development under the new era and new normal, and to explore the company's medium and long-term development direction and strategic positioning, from August 1 to 4, 2018, the company held a strategic seminar with the theme of "Annike Innovation and Development under the New era and New normal" in Baiyun Mountain Scenic spot in Luoyang, Henan Province. The company's chairman Li Fuchao, chief expert Sun Gengchen, assistant to the president Yan Chuxin, chief engineer Ye Fangbao, and party secretary Lu Yingjun attended the meeting.

At this meeting, the company had the honor to invite nine top experts in the field of ironmaking and refractory materials in China, including Professor Li Yong and Professor Cheng Shusen of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Professor Li Yawei of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Professor Qu Dianli of Liaoning University of Science and Technology, Professor Zhou Ningsheng of Henan University of Science and Technology, Professor Tian Shouxin, chief expert of Baosteel Group, Professor Quan Qiang of Zhongye Jingcheng irang, and Dr. Zhu Shaojun and Engineer of Shougang Institute of Shougang. The meeting was presided over by Ye Fangbao, chief engineer of the company. First, Chairman Li Fuchao delivered a welcome speech. Then everyone watched the company's promotional video together. After that, Lu Yingjun, secretary of the Party Committee, introduced the current situation and future development strategy of Anneke to the experts attending the meeting. During the meeting, experts from the iron and steel industry and material science technology innovation and development trend, and combined with the actual development of Annike, focusing on Annike in the new era of innovation and development ideas, Annike further development of refractory materials and supporting business, expand steel rolling section business, involved in other high-temperature industrial fields, to achieve the enterprise "two integration", breaking through the bottleneck of the future development of private enterprises and other aspects of in-depth discussion, he put forward many practical and effective ideas and suggestions, and had in-depth communication and exchange with the company's participants on related issues. The whole meeting atmosphere was relaxed, the discussion was intense, and the spark of thought collision shone through the whole meeting process. Finally, Chief Engineer Ye Fangbao summarized the seminar, and Chairman Li Fuchao expressed his gratitude to everyone for their positive suggestions and suggestions. After the meeting, the company leaders and experts in Baiyun Mountain scenic area for a tour and exchange.

Based on the company's existing hot blast stove technology and its full set of refractory EPC services, this meeting discussed the company's innovative development strategy under the new era and the new normal, and provided many new ideas for the company's medium and long-term strategic planning. It also pointed out the direction for the company's future development direction and product positioning, and will definitely play a positive role in promoting the company's future development.