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The Company Held 2018 Annual Summary Recognition and 2019 Annual Meeting to Welcome the Spring Festival





On February 1, 2019, the 27th of the twelfth lunar month, in a strong festive atmosphere, the company's 2018 annual work summary commendation ceremony and 2019 annual meeting to welcome the new year were held ceremoniously. more than 580 people attended the meeting, including chairman Li fuchao, chairman of the board of supervisors Qian yunting, president Zhang daoyun and all the company's staff.

At 2:00 p.m., Lu yingjun, secretary of the company's party Committee, first announced the agenda of the whole meeting to all the participants. after that, the cheerful opening dance "prosperous China" kicked off the whole summary commendation and the annual meeting to welcome the new year. On behalf of the company's management team, Mr. Zhang Daoyun, president of the company, made a report to the general assembly on "Concentrate and Concentrate to Start Again-Summary of Work of Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2018 and Work Deployment in 2019". The report summarized the achievements and highlights of the work in 2018 from the aspects of marketing, general contracting engineering, technology research and development, quality assurance, etc, this paper analyzes the problems existing in the work in 2018 from the aspects of production operation, equipment management, safety management, site management and execution. At the same time, it arranges and deploys the work in 2019, and puts forward the overall requirements for the work in 2019 as follows: take customer satisfaction as the core, open up domestic and international markets, and establish a management system with "sales contract", "product quality" and "production cost" as the main line, strengthen the awareness of transformation, innovation, quality and service. Optimize the company's organizational system and operating mechanism, strengthen system construction, improve performance evaluation incentives, stabilize quality, improve efficiency and increase income, stimulate the endogenous motivation of employees and each unit, build an excellent management team, improve management and control capabilities, and achieve standardized and efficient operation of the company. Employee satisfaction and sense of belonging. Announced the main business objectives for 2019 and elaborated on the management ideas for 2019 from 15 aspects. According to the 2019 work idea, President Zhang Daoyun signed the 2019 business target responsibility letter with the marketing company, Fuliang company, Fuhua company and technology research and development site respectively.

Yan Juxin, assistant to the president, read out the "Decision on Commending Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals in 2018" on behalf of the company. He commended 1 advanced department, 3 advanced workshops, 3 advanced teams and 2 excellent construction sites, 5 model workers and 42 advanced individuals in 2018 and held a grand award ceremony.

After that, the company conducted a loving student aid ceremony for the children of employees who were admitted to the university in 2018, and rewarded the children of employees as always.

Finally, Li Fuchao, chairman of the company, delivered a speech to the conference and all Annike people on the theme of "Do not forget your initiative mind Strives to Enter the Spring Wind and Sail Again. The chairman pointed out that in 2018, the majority of employees of the company, under the leadership of the company's board of directors and management team, were loyal and dedicated, and actively innovated. They have achieved certain results in various tasks, but there are also many problems. We must affirm our achievements and face up to the problems. In 2019, we hope that all the staff of the company will adhere to the core corporate culture of "customer satisfaction" and create customer value to the maximum extent under the leadership of the company's board of directors and the management team headed by President Zhang Daoyun. Adhere to the EPC general contracting project and increase the promotion of the 4th generation Annike top-burning hot blast stove. Adhere to stable quality, improve the happiness index of employees; Adhere to the five-practice work style of "telling the truth, doing practical things, stressing reality, emphasizing practical results, and creating real industry", and promote the five-work method of "quality, efficiency, responsibility, post, and staff", Work together with one heart and one mind, work together to successfully complete various business goals in 2019, enhance the influence of Annike brand and the happiness index of employees!

After the 2018 work summary and commendation, the 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting will officially begin. The programs selected by various departments will be staged in turn, with wonderful performances, fully demonstrating the loyal, dedicated and positive spirit of Annike people.

After nearly four hours of summary and commendation and annual meeting performance, the company prepared a thank-you dinner for all participants at 6:00 p.m. 58 tables were laid out word by word, and the whole banquet hall was joyful and joyful. Chairman Li Fuchao led the company's leadership team to propose a toast to all Anneke employees, their families and all friends from all walks of life who care about and support Anneke, wishing everyone a smooth work in the new year! Good health! Family happiness!