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Annike River Steel Serbia EPC Transformation Project Fully Put into Production





On September 29, 2018, the ignition operation of No. 2 hot blast furnace of 1595m blast furnace of Serbia steel company of Hegang group constructed by Annike marked the full commissioning of Annike's first international EPC project-the upgrading and renovation project of No. 1 and No. 2 hot blast furnace of Serbia steel plant of Hegang group.

Hegang Group Serbia Steel Plant is a Smederevo Steel Plant wholly-owned acquired by Hegang Group in April 2016. Founded in 1913, it is a metallurgical pillar enterprise with a history of 100 years in Serbia. The design capacity of the steel plant is 2.2 million tons per year. It was once the only state-owned steel plant in Serbia and was known as "the pride of Serbia". Hegang Group's Serbian Steel Plant has 2 blast furnaces. Annike upgraded its No. 2 blast furnace No. 1 and No. 2 hot blast furnaces, transforming the original internal combustion hot blast stove into Annike's patent-the 4th generation top-burning hot blast stove (Annike type).

The No. 1 and No. 2 hot blast stoves of the No. 2 blast furnace of Hegang Serbia Iron and Steel Company were completed and put into operation in 1986. The service time of the original hot blast stove was as long as 30 years. Although it was repaired twice during the period, the wind temperature was not high and the energy consumption was excessive, resulting in high costs. In April 2017, Anneke undertook the upgrading of the Serbian "internal hot blast stove" of Hegang Group to the "4th generation top-burning hot blast stove (Anneke type)".

This project is an EPC general contracting project, and Anneke is the general contractor responsible for design, refractory supply, masonry, installation and commissioning. The project is implemented in two stages. The on-site construction mainly includes the replacement of the hot blast stove body structure, refractory materials and supporting steel structures, equipment and pipelines. The first stage is the upgrading and transformation of No.1 hot blast stove, which was put into operation on March 29, 2018; the second stage is the upgrading and transformation of No.2 hot blast stove, which started in April 2018 and lasted 180 days. It was put into operation on September 29, 2018. Because this project is an upgrade on the basis of its original hot blast stove, it is faced with many difficulties, such as narrow construction surface, tight construction period, heavy task, complex process, many dangerous operation surfaces, multi-professional three-dimensional cross construction and so on. All the staff of the Anneke Project Department did a good job in the preliminary project planning and construction preparations in an orderly manner. During the construction process, many problems in the demolition and installation of the main structure and auxiliary structures, equipment, refractory materials, and masonry were properly solved. Any safety accidents and quality accidents.

After the renovation, the combustion chamber temperature of No.1 hot blast stove is 1285 ℃, the air supply temperature is 1112 ℃, the combustion chamber temperature of No.2 hot blast stove is 1280 ℃, and the air supply temperature is 1040 ℃, which represents that the 4th generation top-burning hot blast stove (Anneke type) has truly realized the advantages of energy saving and consumption reduction, safety and stability, simple operation, etc. in the operation process, and is well received by the owner.

As Anneke's first foreign EPC general contracting project, this is not only a business behavior of the company, but also an important measure for the company to actively respond to the national "One Belt One Road" strategy. The Republic of Serbia is one of the important countries along China's "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, and it is also an important strategic country for Chinese enterprises to go global under the framework of "Belt and Road Initiative. With the help of this project, enterprises can realize the value-added of industrial technology and lay the foundation for their own patented technology to go abroad. In addition, the project has quietly become a bridgehead for Anneke to enter the European market, and its influence cannot be underestimated.

In the future, Anneke will continue to shoulder the heavy burden, take the initiative, take the market as the guidance, take the project as the carrier, take the innovation as the driving force, combine the enterprise advantages with the domestic and foreign demand, actively participate in the construction of "Belt and Road Initiative", make unremitting efforts to continuously promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast furnace and the progress of refractory technology, and strive to become the preferred service provider of the global high temperature industry.