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Annike Attends 2023 "Three Stones" R & D and Application Exchange Meeting





On the afternoon of June 28, Anneke participated in the 2023 (Xinmi) "Three Stones" R & D, production and application exchange meeting. The meeting was hosted by Refractory Window and Yinnailian, co-organized by Xinmi Refractory Industry Association, and under the guidance of China Refractory Industry Association and Wuhan University of Science and Technology, the State Key Laboratory of Refractory and Metallurgy was held in Xinmi Chengde Hotel, Henan, "Three stone" suppliers, refractory enterprises and scientific research institutions from all over the country gathered in Xinmi to jointly promote the research and development and application of "three stones.

At the meeting, Mr. Li Fuchao, vice president of Xinmi Refractory Industry Association and chairman of Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. After more than 60 years of refractory industry in Xinmi City, the annual production capacity of various refractory materials is more than 900 million tons, accounting for about 20% of the whole country and 40% of Henan Province. It is an important support for Xinmi's economic development, the 4th China (Xinmi) Refractory Raw Material Trade Fair and the 2023 "Three Stones" R & D, Production and Application Exchange Conference were held in Xinmi to promote the development of Xinmi and Henan refractory enterprises and accelerate the digital transformation of Xinmi refractory enterprises Upgrade, improve the refractory industry chain, realize the upgrading of the Xinmi refractory industry, and enhance Xinmi's influence in the Chinese and international refractory market.

Yin Kunbao, deputy director of Zhengzhou Annike Technology Center, made a report on the application of andalusite in bauxite-based low creep high alumina bricks. The andalusite series of low creep high alumina bricks is an important variety in the configuration of hot blast stove refractory materials, mainly used in the central part of the regenerator, hot air outlet, hot air pipes, burners and other key parts, relying on Annike's academician workstation, postdoctoral innovation practice base, provincial enterprise research and development center, provincial enterprise technology center and other scientific research platforms, the mechanism of the addition of andalusite, sintering temperature on the performance of bauxite-based low creep high alumina brick is analyzed, according to the reaction mechanism of mullite from the surface of the particles to the interior of the particles, the mullite is added in the form of fine powder, and the secondary mullite is more complete; after the completion of mullite mullite, the sintering temperature continues to increase, which can promote the continuous development of mullite crystals and improve the creep resistance of the product.

In the "three stone" production and application of the exchange link, the experts and representatives that kyanite, andalusite, sillimanite is an energy-saving natural raw materials, can produce beneficial in situ effect, the performance improvement of aluminosilicic refractories is of great significance. Through the meeting, the participants agreed that the "three stones" suppliers, refractory enterprises and institutions of higher learning should cooperate closely in the comprehensive utilization of "three stones" and its low-grade ore, and the research and application of "three stones" series of products, so as to jointly promote the development and application of "three stones.