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Annike Core Staff and Monitor Symposium Successfully Held





In order to give full play to the enthusiasm of managers at all levels and grass-roots employees, and promote the smooth completion of the company's various business indicators. On April 4 and April 14, 2023, the company's core staff symposium and squad leader symposium were held in the conference room of Luoyang annike technology co., ltd. in Yichuan county. The company's chairman Li Fuchao and vice president Zhou Fuchen gathered with 12 core employees and 13 class leaders for exchanges and discussions.

Before the meeting, Lu Yingjun, deputy secretary of the party committee of the group company and deputy general manager of Luoyang company, first led the core staff and squad leader to visit the project site of Luoyang Annei Industrial Park, and introduced the development concepts of technological innovation, scientific research and development, achievement trading and intelligent manufacturing of Luoyang Annei High Temperature Science and Technology New Material Industrial Park, as well as the future equipment automation, digital, intelligent, efficient based on the green intelligent energy-saving carbon reduction of the benchmark enterprise construction goals. At the construction site, everyone learned about the construction progress of Anneke High-temperature New Materials Industrial Park on the spot, and they were also full of expectations and yearning for the construction of the industrial park, hoping to join the construction and production of the new factory area as soon as possible.

After the symposium began, Chairman Li Fuchao analyzed the development trend of refractory industry for hot blast stove according to the policy orientation and market situation. He introduced in detail the four advantages of Luoyang Anneke Industrial Park in Yichuan to build an international first-class benchmarking enterprise and the development vision of Luoyang Anneke High Temperature Technology New Material Industrial Park. He hoped that the participants would make positive suggestions for the company's development in combination with their own work practice.

Afterwards, the participants spoke one by one. With simple language and sincere attitude, the core employees and squad leaders talked about their work and study experience and specific measures to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and put forward their own suggestions on the development of the enterprise. And ideas. The leaders at the meeting listened carefully to the opinions and suggestions of the core employees and squad leaders, gave detailed answers to the questions raised, and sincerely encouraged everyone to have full confidence in the future development of the company, have a long-term vision, dare to face adversity, and be brave to innovate. Improve personal ability as soon as possible, expand personal development space, and at the same time do their job well, communicate more, listen to employees' voices, and collect employee suggestions, do a good job in the ideological work of employees and transmit positive energy.

The atmosphere of the whole forum was relaxed and warm. Everyone expressed their opinions and spoke freely, which established a good communication channel between leaders and employees. The meeting achieved the expected goal and was a complete success. Finally, Chairman Li Fuchao said that Annike's development blueprint has been drawn and he is willing to develop, make progress and create a better future with everyone.

On the occasion of Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, after the meeting, the participants went to Luoyang City to enjoy the distinctive landscape of "Peony Striving for Beauty, Zhou Dingxiong, Dan Xiang Yingbin, Liang Si Feifei, Hetu Luoshu, Feng Que Yinghub, Le Tai Bell, Gan Tang Zhou" and felt the beauty of nature and humanity in the ancient capital Luoyang.