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With the new crown epidemic prevention and control work in the country's comprehensive unsealing, international routes gradually warmed up, Anneke also welcomed the first international friends to visit. PAUL WURTH (hereinafter referred to as "PW") Italian company representatives and Beijing company representatives, accompanied by Li Mei, assistant general manager of hot blast stove company, arrived at the headquarters of Annike Group in Zhengzhou to exchange and visit the existing cooperation projects of Annike.

From 2021 to 2023, Anneke Company provided technical services and core refractory materials for PW Company's 2 2307m blast furnace hot blast stoves. PW company hot blast stove system local structure design is complex, difficult to manufacture, high performance indicators, the company actively digest and absorb design requirements and actively provide optimization solutions for PW company, to ensure the project design and supply quality and successfully complete the delivery of orders.

PW Company is a world-renowned engineering company. Its related business is mainly concentrated in the fields of steel and non-ferrous metals, and enjoys a high reputation in the world. In recent years, Annike has continuously expanded the international market and has successively contracted the JSW project. The smooth delivery of the PW2 blast furnace hot blast furnace JSL project marks that Annike's technology and products have once again been recognized by the international market.

Annike is willing to work hand in hand with major design institutes and engineering companies to jointly deepen the field of foreign trade, reflecting the manufacturing of large countries, technology output, and achieving a win-win situation!