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A project of Fujian pellet shaft furnace successfully completed





On March 12, a rectangular fine pellet shaft furnace project with an annual output of 800000 tons was successfully completed in a Fujian iron and steel company. Zhengzhou Anneke adopted the general contracting mode of refractory integrated supply and refractory construction. This project is another high-quality project after the smooth cooperation of the key projects of the blast furnace hot blast stove between the two parties. It is of great significance for customers to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction, quality improvement and efficiency.

With the continuous progress of iron and steel industry technology, the blast furnace has increasingly strict requirements on the particle size, strength, chemical composition and smelting characteristics of ironmaking raw materials. As a high-quality blast furnace burden, pellets have the advantages of high iron taste, good strength, uniform particle size, less powder, and easy reduction in the blast furnace, which can make the blast furnace achieve the purpose of increasing production, saving coke and improving economic benefits.

In the process of shaft furnace production, it is necessary to frequently stop and start the furnace, which has a great impact on the refractory masonry and the combustion chamber is easily damaged. At the same time, the wind guide wall has become another weak link of the shaft furnace due to the erosion and wear of high temperature and high pressure and dust-containing air flow, and the pressure measurement from the burden. Anneke technical team from raw material selection, process optimization, product test, developed a complete wind wall brick production control measures. The production system actively overcomes the problems of large single weight, high difficulty in molding and sintering, and completes the delivery on time with good quality and quantity. The construction project department formulates a strict construction plan, leads the construction team, and does a solid job of on-site construction management to ensure that the project quality is the first and safety is the first.

In 2023, Anneke people will grasp the new situation, realize new development, and embark on a new journey, continue to deepen and develop new fields of high-temperature materials, work hard and persevere in the research and development of new ironmaking materials technology and market promotion, and become the global high-temperature industry. The preferred service provider is struggling.