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Strengthen professional skills training and build a technical marketing team





In order to improve the skill level of the marketing team, consolidate professional knowledge, improve professional skills and build a technical marketing management team, on February 13 and February 15, 2023, the marketing company conducted training on the professional skills of hot blast stove and technical guidance on construction site for the project manager, design specialist, after-sales specialist and all employees of Zhengzhou company.

Wang Yiwei, deputy chief of the technical marketing department, explained the working principle of the hot blast stove, the setting of expansion joints in the pipe system of the hot blast stove, the setting of silicon brick expansion joints, the material configuration of the hot blast stove, the design of brick structure, and the temperature requirements under the working conditions of the hot blast stove in a simple and illustrated way.

Li Guanpeng, a design engineer, explained in detail the relevant patents and proprietary technologies in the hot blast stove field of the company. Fan Weiqiang, chief of the after-sales service department, analyzed and summarized the construction of more than 3000 sets of assemblies and other key parts of the company's more than 30 refractory integrated supply sites, more than 10 EPC sites and 5 overseas supply sites in 2022, showing excellent construction site construction case image data, and the construction site is easy to analyze the typical problems, to provide professional solutions.

During the training process, the trainees actively asked questions and discussed based on the content of the lecture, combined with the actual business development and the problems encountered in the project construction process. At the same time, in-depth exchanges were made on the application experience of new technology, new method and new technology on the construction site.

Through the training, the construction of the marketing team has been strengthened, the professional level and technical ability of the company's marketing personnel have been further improved, and a strong guarantee has been provided for the technical promotion and product integration of the Anke-type cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove and the development of new fields of high-temperature materials. In the future, the marketing company will strictly follow the company's annual training plan, regularly organize training on the professional knowledge and skills of marketing personnel, improve the overall quality of employees, build a learning, knowledge-based, and professional marketing team, and achieve new breakthroughs in sales performance.