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Fourth Quarter of Decisive Battle-Annike's Overseas Project Progress Refreshes





The decisive battle in the fourth quarter, forge ahead a new journey. Recently, Anneke each construction site to maintain the drive, in the prevention and control of the epidemic at the same time, seize the progress, the implementation of the promise, especially the overseas project site construction intensive, in full swing, fully demonstrated the Anneke people dare to fight, seize the victory of the spirit of struggle.

1. Malaysia a steel company hot blast furnace EPCC project construction in full swing

As the company's first EPCC project, a Malaysian steel company added 4# hot blast stove using the cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove patented technology jointly developed by Anke and MCC Jingcheng. After the completion of the project, it will effectively increase the air temperature into the furnace, reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, and truly achieve green, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency.

The EP project of 5872m ³ super-large blast furnace hot blast furnace of a steel company in India in 2. was delivered as promised.

A steel company in India has newly built a top-burning hot blast furnace with 5872m ³ super-large blast furnace, adopting the patented technology of rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnace shared by China Metallurgical Jingcheng and Annike, marking that the top-burning hot blast furnace technology with independent intellectual property rights has reached the international leading level. The Anneke technical team provides strong technical support for the performance of its hot blast stove burner through CFD, cold and hot simulation calculations.

The top-burning hot-blast stove has achieved large-scale and high-efficiency in China, and the top-burning hot-blast stove abroad will also develop in the direction of high air temperature, long life and low emission. Anneke is committed to the continuous optimization and improvement of top-burning hot-blast stove and the research and development and production of supporting refractory materials. Through the continuous optimization and upgrading of the furnace structure and refractory configuration, the pollutant emission in the exhaust gas is far lower than the national standard or even zero, vigorously promote the application of rotary cutting and cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove advanced technology, and comprehensively promote the development of energy saving and low consumption of hot blast stove.

3. A Inspection of EP Project of Cone Column Rotary Cutting Top-Burning Hot Blast Stove of a Steel Company in India Successfully Completed

A new 680m blast furnace in an Indian steel company is equipped with three ceramic burners of anke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove, which can effectively help the ironmaking blast furnace to obtain sustained high air temperature, reduce gas consumption and power consumption, etc., and truly realize the goal of green steel and low carbon development.

The implementation of the project coincided with the recurrence of the epidemic, Anke all staff with practical actions, the practice of customer satisfaction of the corporate culture, with Chinese technology, Chinese manufacturing, Chinese quality, interpretation of Chinese standards, on schedule to complete the delivery, to help build the "Belt and Road" high-quality development.

4. a Russian steel company 1280m ³ blast furnace hot blast stove EP project equipment delivered on schedule

The company is a leader in the Russian steel industry, this time Annike contracted its 7# blast furnace 24# internal combustion hot blast furnace upgrade to Annike cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast furnace EP project, the project marks Annike became the first domestic Chinese enterprise in Russia to win the standard top combustion hot blast furnace project.

After six months of unremitting efforts, Annike people worked together to overcome many difficulties, overcome the obstacles of the epidemic, and successfully delivered all materials to the customer as promised. After that, Anneke will send a team of experts to the site to provide professional technical guidance and construction services. I believe that in the near future, Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove technology will surely gain a firm foothold in the Russian market and shine brilliantly.

Maintenance of Internal Combustion Hot Blast Stove Completed in a Group of 5. Turkey

In September 2022, Anneke's technical team went to Turkey's largest steel group to provide technical support for the maintenance of the 4 internal combustion hot blast stoves supporting its 1# blast furnace. The maintenance and supply of refractory materials for the 4 internal combustion hot blast stoves was all undertaken by Anneke, which is another important project since Anneke entered the Turkish steel market in 2013.

Based on years of experience, the Anneke design team optimizes and upgrades the refractory brick type of the damaged parts, and at the same time provides a reasonable and efficient construction plan to assist customers in solving all construction problems. Annike with excellent product quality, professional technical guidance to get customers praise.

Since its establishment, Anneke has been committed to the research and development and innovation of various forms of blast furnace hot blast stove technology for a long time. In 2013, Anneke jointly developed the cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove technology with MCC Jingcheng. So far, the technology has been successfully applied to more than 3000 hot blast stoves from 1500m ³ to 5872m ³ blast furnaces at home and abroad, and has obtained patent authorization from Russia, Japan, Ukraine, Indonesia and other countries through PCT patent applications, marking that the top-burning hot blast stove technology with China's independent intellectual property rights has reached the international leading level.

As a pioneer in leading the technological innovation of top-burning hot blast stove, Annike has always made unremitting efforts to continuously promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the technological progress of high-temperature new materials, insisting that science and technology is the first productive force and innovation is the first driving force for development. Green environmental protection, low-carbon, low-nitrogen, energy-saving and efficient blast furnace hot blast stove technology helps the green development of iron and steel enterprises, and steel enterprises.