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What happened 85 years ago?

This year, the Lugouqiao Incident, the victory of Pingxingguan, the Battle of Songhu, the fall of Shanghai......

Today, 85 years ago, Nanjing fell, and the Japanese invaders began a tragic massacre in Nanjing for more than 40 days, killing more than 300,000 compatriots. Every victim is a national death and a national pain.

Today is December 13, the National Memorial Day, a day that every Chinese should remember.

Today in 1937, the Japanese invaders captured Nanjing. In just six weeks, soldiers who 300000 laid down their weapons and unarmed civilians were brutally killed. This is the darkest page in the history of modern human civilization, and it is also a traumatic memory that hundreds of millions of Chinese people cannot erase.

No matter how long the time has passed, we must not forget that painful history, the major events of the country, the worship and the army.

Through the public memorial day, people express their feelings and mourn, pay tribute to the compatriots who died innocently in the Nanjing Massacre. At the same time, they also deeply cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and national heroes who devoted everything to the victory of the Anti Japanese war.

War is merciless and national humiliation is unforgettable. After hatred, it is an oath of self-improvement and a responsibility of virtue.

In the 21st century, we must keep in mind our first heart, shoulder the mission of the new era and write a chapter of prosperous China.

Remember history, cherish peace; revitalize China, we will strengthen ourselves.

On the National Memorial Day, Anneke deeply paid tribute to the dead, together to watch peace, wish the great motherland prosperity, and work together to promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!