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Overcoming the impact of the epidemic and fulfilling delivery commitments





Affected by the new crown epidemic, since October 17, 2022, our company has actively responded to the epidemic prevention and control implementation of closed-loop management, during this period in order to maintain the normal operation of the enterprise, to ensure that India TATA▪KPO project 5873m3 blast furnace hot blast furnace refractory delivered on schedule. In the face of many difficulties brought about by the epidemic, in line with the principle of customer first, our company's marketing system, procurement system and production system work closely together to do a lot of meticulous work from raw and auxiliary materials procurement, production process organization, product acceptance planning and other processes, product manufacturing we implement the quality creed of "high standards and strict requirements"; customer service we implement the service consciousness of "people-oriented, keep promises.

The purchase of high-quality raw materials is the guarantee of stable product quality. Most of the raw materials of the project products are purchased from other provinces. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the procurement of raw materials has brought great uncertainty. Our company has sent personnel to be stationed in the raw material origin for a long time to inspect the raw materials and arrange vehicle transportation. Before the raw material transportation vehicles arrive, our company will send special personnel to report the personal information of the drivers in advance according to the local epidemic prevention policy, and free to the driver to do antigen, to ensure the safety of enterprises and individuals, but also to the continuous purchase of raw materials to provide a guarantee.

Affected by the epidemic, some of our company's front-line employees home isolation, to the normal production organization work has brought a greater impact, in order to ensure the quality of products on schedule delivery, our company will be dispersed to the production line, the production process for supervision and inspection, to ensure that the production process is controlled, stable product quality. The branch organizes front-line workers to carry out nucleic acid testing every day to keep abreast of the health status of each employee; in terms of logistics support, regularly purchase materials to meet the living needs of employees, and give employees care about their lives, so as to stabilize the working status of front-line production personnel, thus ensuring the delivery of products on schedule.

In order to meet the urgent needs of customers and pay attention to their needs, the marketing company takes the initiative to report the progress of project implementation to customers every day, and carefully listens to customers' requirements and suggestions, so as to respond in a timely manner. In order to ensure the normal acceptance of the project, the marketing company timely understand the local epidemic prevention policy, and combined with the actual situation of customers, for customers to develop a detailed and comprehensive acceptance program. Through our tireless efforts, India TATA▪The acceptance of HRN42 lattice brick and DRL-65 lattice brick of KPO project 5873m3 blast furnace hot blast furnace products was successfully completed from November 22 to November 26, 2022. And once again reflects the strength of Anneke in the super-large blast furnace hot blast stove supporting refractory integrated supply.

In the face of difficulties, Annike people have practiced the core corporate culture of "customer satisfaction" with practical actions, interpreted Chinese standards with product quality, helped build a high-quality development of "the belt and road initiative", and made Annike brand the preferred service provider for the global high-temperature industry.