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Zhengzhou Annike attended the 13th China Iron and Steel Annual Conference and made a report





From November 23 to 24, 2022, the 13th China Iron and Steel Annual Conference hosted by China Metal Society and assisted by China Metallurgical CCID Group and Chongqing Metal Society was held online.

The theme of this annual iron and steel conference is "Building a green, low-carbon, intelligent and sustainable iron and steel industry". Experts and professors from scientific research institutions, design and research institutes and key iron and steel enterprises in the industry have made wonderful reports on the development of the iron and steel industry, long process ironmaking in blast furnaces, improving the air temperature of hot blast furnaces, and green hydrogen metallurgy technology under the background of double carbon. During the conference, more than 50000 experts, scholars and scientific and technological workers from the industry attended the conference, and conducted high-level exchanges and discussions on metallurgy and material theory, blast furnace distribution technology, ironmaking intelligence, greening, and low-carbon development.

At the meeting, Sun Yongqiang, a design engineer of Zhengzhou Annike Hot Blast Stove Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., made a report on "Application Practice of Cone Column Rotary Cutting Low Nitrogen and High Air Temperature Top Combustion Hot Blast Stove", and made a detailed introduction on the technological innovation and optimization design of cone column Rotary Cutting Top Combustion Hot Blast Stove Low Nitrogen, Low Carbon and High Air Temperature.

In recent years, under the background of "double carbon" goal, how to embark on the road of "green steel" is an urgent problem for the whole industry. The patented technology of three-dimensional mixing burner unique to anike cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove has realized that the emission index of CO, NOx and other pollutants in flue gas is reduced by more than 30% compared with the current ultra-low emission standard of the industry, the maximum NOx emission is ≤ 70 mg/m, the typical value is ≤ 50 mg/m, and the CO content is <200ppm;


In the past ten years, the technology of cone-column rotary-cutting top-burning hot-blast stove jointly developed by Anneke and MCC Jingcheng has successively served a large number of national key steel bases and backbone private enterprises, such as Baowu Egang, Hebei Donghai Group, Hegang · Legang, Zhongtian Iron and Steel, Shandong Shiheng Special Steel, etc, along with the national "the belt and road initiative" strategy, we have completed high-quality new and renovation projects of blast furnace hot blast furnaces of steel companies with global influence, such as Hegang Serbia, JSW of India, MMK of Russia, Vietnam and Hefa Steel, and Anyu Steel of Malaysia.

Under the guidance of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Annike shoulders the mission of innovation and has always led the development of top-burning hot blast stove technology to high blast temperature, long life, low energy consumption, low emission, large-scale, green and intelligent development with scientific and technological innovation. with green, low-carbon, environment-friendly and efficient blast furnace hot blast stove technology to help iron and steel enterprises achieve "carbon peak, carbon neutrality". Annike will, as always, support the development of high-quality hot blast stoves with low nitrogen, low carbon and high air temperature with scientific and technological innovation, promote development and transformation with innovation, continue to serve the iron and steel industry at home and abroad, and constantly improve international competitiveness and influence. In order to continuously promote the scientific and technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, we have made unremitting efforts to become the preferred service provider of global high temperature industry.