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In the fourth quarter, Annike Zhengzhou Company moved forward against the wind.





In the golden autumn of October, we celebrate the National Day and celebrate the complete success of the 20th National Congress. October is the harvest season and the season to sow hope for the coming year, but the economic crisis caused by the continuing neo-crown epidemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine inevitably affected the country. Annike withstood the pressure and overcome the difficulties. In October, he took actions to win the trust of customers and handed over satisfactory answers to customers.

The main equipment and materials of the hot blast furnace EPCC project of a Malaysian iron and steel company have been collected and delivered in succession. The pile foundation and foundation construction on site were completed at the beginning of the month. During the splicing and installation of the furnace shell, all project nodes were carried out in an orderly manner as planned.

Figure 1: Malaysia Project Construction Site

The hot blast stove construction project of a new 3 × 2060m ³ blast furnace 1# blast furnace in Guangxi is designed, supplied and constructed by Annike general contracting hot blast stove system. The three hot blast stoves all adopt Annike cone column rotary cutting top combustion type, and the design hot blast temperature is ≥ 1250 ℃. Affected by the epidemic situation in the province after the National Day, the delivery progress is slightly delayed, but most of them have arrived at the site and the construction progress meets the owner's requirements.

Figure 2: Construction Site of Guangxi Project

On September 28, the EPC project of the new 1# blast furnace hot blast furnace of an iron and steel company in Qian 'an was officially started. The new 1# blast furnace is also equipped with 3 hot blast furnaces. The hot blast furnace body adopts a three-stage body masonry structure. The structure has complete symmetry, more stable structure, more uniform temperature distribution, and temperature stress control in a smaller range, which can effectively improve the service life of the hot blast furnace.

Figure 3: Qian'an Project Construction Site

On October 20, a blast furnace hot blast stove pipeline maintenance project of a steel company in Changzhou started. The scope of the project includes the construction of refractory materials and auxiliary materials for gas branch pipes, hot blast stove main pipes, hot blast branch pipes and other parts.

Figure 4: Construction Site of Changzhou Project

On October 26, a new shaft furnace project of a steel company in Fujian started on schedule. Following the Ningxia shaft furnace project, the company once again won the bid for the pellet shaft furnace project with mature solutions, professional teams and reliable products.
In the severe market environment, only excellent products and innovative technologies can gain a firm foothold. Annike has been working hard in the field of blast furnace hot blast stove for 19 years, insisting on technological innovation as the core driving force, survival by quality, and development by science and technology. All Anneke people will continue to promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, and strive to become the preferred service provider of global high temperature industry.