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Anneke won the bid for a large blast furnace hot blast stove project in India, which continues to provide new impetus for the economic development of "the belt and road initiative".





At the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi proposed to firmly pursue a mutually beneficial and win-win strategy of opening up, continue to provide new opportunities for the world with China's new development, promote the construction of an open world economy, and better benefit the people of all countries. At the press conference of the 20th Congress, the spokesperson pointed out that the "Belt and Road" initiative provides a new driving force for global economic growth, and Zhengzhou Anneke actively implemented the "Belt and Road" initiative with practical actions.

A few days ago, Zhengzhou Annike won the contract for the supply of refractory materials for a new 5499m blast furnace hot blast furnace by an Indian company. This is the overseas market order that Annike won again since it inherited the project contracts of Turkey's Erdemir, Russia's MMK, Malaysia's ANN JOO, India's JSW, India's TATA KPO and other well-known overseas steel enterprises during the epidemic.

At present, the neo-coronary pneumonia epidemic is still spreading around the world, and the recovery of the world economy is difficult and tortuous. Zhengzhou Annike unswervingly promote the internationalization strategy, strengthen close ties with overseas customers, and has sent professional and technical personnel in the premise of epidemic prevention and control retrograde to overseas implementation projects, continue to inject new impetus into the "Belt and Road" economic development.

"Going out" of the hot stove technology leader
In September 2022, Turkey's largest steel plant Ereli (Erdemir) Steel Group's No.1 blast furnace hot blast furnace maintenance project officially started construction. Ereli Steel is currently the eighth largest steel producer in Europe. This project is a maintenance project for 4 internal combustion hot blast furnaces of 1850m ³ blast furnaces. Annike undertook all the engineering maintenance and supply projects and sent professional and technical personnel to guide the implementation of the project on site.

▲ Turkey Ereli Hot Blast Stove Maintenance Project

In March 2021, the company and the Russian Magnitogorsk Steel Group Company (MMK) signed the 7# blast furnace internal combustion hot blast furnace upgrade into an Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnace EP project. MMK is a leader in Russia's steel industry. Its 7# blast furnace has a capacity of 1280m ³ and is now equipped with 2 internal combustion hot blast furnaces and 2 Kalujin top combustion hot blast furnaces. This time, the internal combustion hot blast stove was upgraded to Anneke cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove. The project includes hot blast stove system design, complete set of equipment and materials supply and on-site technical service. In the preliminary scheme demonstration of the project, two European companies and an internationally famous Russian hot blast stove company participated in the project exchange. After several rounds of technical comparison and review by the owner, Anneke finally won the owner's approval with advanced technology, reliable products and professional service, the signing of the project makes Anneke the first Chinese enterprise to win the top-burning hot-blast stove project in Russia.

▲ Russian MMK Hot Blast Stove Project Customer Representative Visits

In May 2022, Zhengzhou Annike and Malaysia Anyu Integrated Steel Co., Ltd. successfully completed the signing of the EPCC project for the new 4# hot blast stove of Anyu Company through video conference. The new 4# hot blast stove of Anyu Company adopts the technology of cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove jointly developed by Annike and MCC Jingcheng. The scope of the project includes the design, supply, construction and commissioning of the hot blast stove body, pipelines and supporting electrification equipment, etc. It is another breakthrough in the Southeast Asian market for the technology of cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove after Vietnam and the 4x 1080m blast furnace hot blast stove supporting refractory supply project, and has once again set up the banner of the Anneke brand on the Maritime Silk Road.

▲ Video Signing Ceremony of EPCC Project for New 4# Hot Blast Stove in Anyu, Malaysia

The combination of strong and strong forces will enable Chinese standards, Chinese technology and Chinese creation to go abroad.

It has been 9 years since my country's opening-up strategy deployed the "Belt and Road" policy. How to seize and make good use of the historical opportunity of the "Belt and Road"? Li Fuchao, Chairman of Anneke, emphasized that four points need to be grasped: It is to conform to the trend of the times of open cooperation, the second is to tap the complementary advantages of strong alliances, the third is to establish a century-old brand awareness, and the fourth is to look at the global vision of innovation.

At present, the international market has become a new driving force for the development of Anneke. With its advantages in product integrated manufacturing and hot blast stove technology, Anneke has carried out strong alliances with large domestic metallurgical design institutes such as China Metallurgical Jingcheng, China Metallurgical Sadie, China Metallurgical South, Shougang International, etc., and actively explored the international market. India's JSW5872m blast furnace, India's Tata KPO5870m blast furnace, the successful implementation of supporting hot blast furnace projects such as India's JSOL(JSPL)Angul Steel Plant 5499m Blast Furnace, India's JSW 4233m Blast Furnace, Turkey's Edemir 3200m Blast Furnace, Iran's Zaland 1800m Blast Furnace, Indonesia's Kazakh Steel 1750m Blast Furnace, and Turkey's Isdemir1600m Blast Furnace proves that Annike's participation in the construction of "the belt and road initiative" is not a wonderful practice and the success.

From the beginning of its establishment, Anneke has focused on developing overseas markets with internationally renowned companies. The technological progress of the world's blast furnace hot blast stove has undergone the development and evolution of internal combustion and external combustion. In the future, top-burning hot blast stove has become the development trend of hot blast stove. Danieli Hogovin (Hoogovens) Company of Italy and PAUL WURTH Company of Luxembourg are the representative enterprises of internal combustion type and external combustion type hot blast stove technology respectively. Based on the concept of openness and inclusiveness, Anneke Company has signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation with the above two companies on the market development of cone column rotary cutting top combustion type hot blast stove, and will jointly make efforts to occupy the high ground of the global hot blast stove market, form a strong alliance, complementary advantages, equality and mutual benefit, common development of the enterprise community.

Anneke cone column rotary cutting top burning hot blast stove technology has broken through the technical barriers of foreign hot blast stove, has completely independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained patents in Russia, Japan, Ukraine, India, Indonesia and other countries. Technological innovation has driven Annike's industrial upgrading, built a comprehensive platform for scientific research, broke through technical bottlenecks, and technological innovation and achievement transformation have also helped Annike to take the lead in the world in the field of blast furnace hot stoves. Looking forward to the future, Annike will unremittingly pursue technological innovation, improve competitiveness and realize corporate value, and strive to become the preferred service provider of the global high-temperature industry.