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Tong Yupeng, Secretary of Yichuan County Party Committee, Investigates Annike Industrial Park





On September 12, 2022, Yichuan County Party Committee Secretary Tong Yupeng went to Luoyang Anneke High Temperature Technology New Materials Industrial Park Project for on-site investigation and inspection. Qi Xiaowei, Secretary of Yichuan County Political and Legal Committee, Ren Qingpeng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of Yichuan County Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone, Han Haiyang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of the Development Zone, and other leaders accompanied the same secretary to participate in the investigation.

At noon, Secretary Tong and his party arrived at the project site. Chairman of the company, General Manager of Luoyang Company Li Fuchao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the company, Deputy General Manager of Luoyang Company Lu Yingjun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Luoyang Company Zhang Fuqiang and others welcomed Secretary Tong and his party into the project site. Lu Yingjun introduced the basic situation of Zhengzhou Anneke, Luoyang Anneke and Anneke Industrial Park to Secretary Tong, he also reported the progress of the project and the problems encountered in the promotion of the project to the secretary. Secretary Tong listened carefully to the basic situation of the project construction and fully affirmed the construction of the industrial park project. Regarding the problems in the progress of the project construction project, the secretary went to the construction site to check on the spot, asked the person in charge of the relevant department on the spot, and asked to solve the problem within a time limit to ensure the smooth construction of the Anneke Industrial Park project. Finally, Secretary Tong emphasized that Yichuan County will fully support the construction of key projects such as the Anneke Industrial Park project, and requires all functional government departments to enhance service awareness, improve service efficiency, and improve service capabilities, so as to provide the most comprehensive and convenient for the construction of key projects., The best quality service. Chairman Li Fuchao thanked Secretary Tong for his concern and support for the Annike Industrial Park project, saying that Annike will do its best to build Luoyang Annike Industrial Park with high standards, high starting point and high level, and to build the industrial park project into a benchmark enterprise for green environmental protection, intelligent manufacturing and energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Luoyang Annike Technology Co., Ltd. High Temperature New Material Industrial Park InsistsTechnological innovation, scientific and technological research and development, results trading, intelligent manufacturing,Supported by 5G Internet of Things technology, we will build a metallurgical technology production and melting center, a top-burning hot stove engineering technology center, a high-temperature new material research and development center, and a national-level iron-making refractory testing center. Based on equipment automation, digitization, intelligence, and high efficiency, 20 high-end intelligent production lines will be built, with an annual output of 400000 tons of various high-temperature new materials.

The industrial park will lead the technological progress of high-temperature materials industry with first-class talents, first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class management and first-class products, and strive to build a benchmark enterprise of green intelligent manufacturing of high-temperature new materials in China and even the world!