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Chief Representative of Russian MMK Group in Shanghai to visit the company





On August 10, 2022, Krivochkov-Bavel-Sergeyevich, chief representative of Russian Masteel Group (hereinafter referred to as MMK) in Shanghai, visited the company. Li Fuchao, chairman of the company, Yang Jinpo, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Company, and Zhi Jixiang, foreign trade manager, attended the exchange.
zhi jixiang, the foreign trade manager of the zhengzhou company, accompanied bavel to visit the head office, the fuliang company, the fuhua company, and the zhengzhou company. In the head office, Mr. Bavel visited the company's exhibition hall and R & D testing center, and learned in detail about the company's development history, scientific and technological research and development, marketing, company honor, etc., and fully affirmed and praised the company's production strength, R & D capability and product quality.

In Fuliang Company and Fuhua Company, Mr. Bavel carefully understood the production process and application fields of clay series, high aluminum series and silicon series products, the main markets of Anneke and the customers served, etc., and showed great interest in the production process of the company's products. During the visit, the two sides had a warm conversation and extensive exchanges.

At the end of the visit, the two sides came to Zhengzhou company for formal talks. During the meeting, Mr. Bavel watched the company's promotional film, hot stove technology animation, Luoyang company promotional film and intelligent manufacturing production line animation. The chairman of the company, Mr. Li Fuxiang Bavel, introduced in detail the development of each subsidiary of the group, and introduced the production, research and development, export trade and undertaking overseas key EPC projects of Anneke. Yang Jinpo, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Company, communicated with Mr. Bavel about the implementation of the contract for the No.24 hot blast stove renovation project currently cooperating with MMK. Mr. Bavel said: China is MMK's key market in the world, and MMK's senior management also attaches great importance to the cooperative relationship with Chinese enterprises. MMK will make every effort to cooperate closely with Anneke to jointly promote the smooth construction of the project.

At the end of the visit, Mr. Bavel fully affirmed the strength of the company, and also expressed that MMK's representative office in Shanghai is willing to vigorously promote the long-term cooperation between ANNEC and MMK, and go hand in hand with Anneke to develop together and achieve a win-win situation!