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Party members of the company went to Jiao Yuyu Memorial Hall to visit and study.





Fiery July, fiery passion, 2022, the Communist Party of China celebrated its 101-year-old birthday. From the century-old red boat to the founding of New China, from reform and opening up to the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the party's century-old journey is magnificent, and the party's century-old growth is flourishing. In order to celebrate the 101 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, cherish the memory of the revolution and inherit the red spirit, on July 10, the company's party committee organized Communist Party members to go to the Jiaoyulu Memorial Hall in Lankao County to carry out the theme of "Dare to innovate, dare to shoulder heavy burdens, selfless dedication, and forge ahead". Red education activities for party members.

At 9:30 in the morning, all party members arrived at the Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall. First, the opening ceremony was held in front of the Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall. Lu Yingjun, deputy secretary of the company's party committee, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. Entering the memorial hall, in front of Jiao Yu's statue, the company's party committee secretary Li fuchao and deputy secretary Lu yingjun presented flower baskets and ribbons to Jiao Yulu's statue on behalf of the company's party committee and all party members. All party members bowed three times to the statue of Jiao Yu, expressing their infinite respect and remembrance for the martyrs.

In the Jiao Yulu Memorial Hall, pieces of weather-beaten objects, touching pictures, and vivid and true stories reproduce the touching scenes of Jiao Yulu's visit to the poor, leading the people of Lankao to manage the "three evils", and fighting against heaven and earth. The work scene of the masses; under the leadership of the teacher, everyone reviewed the work of the people's public servant Jiao Yulu for the benefit of the people, and dedicated his whole life; it fully demonstrates Comrade Jiao Yulu's glorious image of loyal love for the people, courageously shouldering heavy burdens, scientific and pragmatic, and caring for the masses; it truly reflects Comrade Jiao Yulu's lofty spirit of "loving the people, working hard, seeking truth scientifically, facing difficulties, and selfless dedication. At the memorial hall, everyone stopped to watch, listened carefully, or bowed their heads to meditate, and deeply felt the lofty quality and great spirit of Comrade Jiao Yulu.

At the end of the visit, all party members faced the bright party flag, raised their right fists, and relived the oath of joining the party. The loud oath echoed in the memorial hall, expressing the party members' determination to remember their mission.

In the afternoon, all Party members went to Zhangzhuang Village and Dongbatou to retake the path taken by the revolutionary leaders. In Zhangzhuang Village, everyone followed the path of General Secretary Xi Jinping and felt the great changes in Zhangzhuang Village from a poor and backward "depressed Zhangzhuang" to a harmonious and beautiful "dream Zhangzhuang.

Everyone came to Chairman Mao to inspect Dongbatou of the Yellow River in 1952. Through the introduction of the commentator, they learned about the situation of the "three evils" raging in the Yellow River beach in the past. Today's beach area, through the joint efforts of cadres and masses on both sides of the Yellow River, has become a home with a beautiful environment and people living and working in peace and contentment.

Through this visit and study, all party members deeply realized the common role of "Jiao Yulu spirit". All party members said that they must take Comrade Jiao Yulu as an example, carry forward Jiao Yulu spirit, keep in mind the party's purpose, be positive and enterprising, open up and innovate, and give full play to the party's advanced model at all times, so that Jiao Yulu spirit can be carried forward in work and contribute personal wisdom and strength to the development of the company with practical actions, with outstanding work to the party's twenty gift!