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Annike won the bid for Yidan Group Luoyang Longquan Tiansong Carbon Baking Furnace Refractory Material





Recently, Annike successfully won the bid for the maintenance of refractory materials for carbon baking furnace of Yidian Group Luoyang Longquan Tiansong Carbon Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Longquan Tiansong Carbon Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Yidian Group, located in Shuizhai Town, Yichuan County, Luoyang City, with an annual output of 320000 tons of pre-baked anode carbon blocks for aluminum, and is a large-scale domestic pre-baked anode carbon block manufacturer for aluminum. In the early stage of the bidding, the relevant personnel of Yidian Group Tiansong Carbon Company conducted a detailed inspection of Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd., and finally Annike was highly recognized by customers for its advanced refractory technology, perfect quality control and excellent product quality. Annike's technical team learned about the use of the carbon baking furnace of Tiansong Carbon Company on the spot. The two sides had many technical exchanges, analyzed the damage mechanism of the carbon baking furnace and the performance requirements for refractory materials, and put forward an improvement plan for the abnormal damage of the carbon baking furnace, which was recognized by customers and finally won the bid.

The winning bid comes at a time when Luoyang Annike Technology Co., Ltd. starts construction of the 400000-ton High-temperature New Material Industrial Park. It is the opening work of Annike's landing in Yichuan and helping Yichuan to develop its advanced manufacturing industry. It is also a new starting point for Annike to serve the carbon roaster market again after many years, adding another important step to Annike's development of the non-hot blast stove market.