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Employees of Annike Zhengzhou Company conducted group building activities





On the occasion of the second anniversary of the establishment of Zhengzhou Annike Hot Blast Stove Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., Annike Zhengzhou Company organized its employees to carry out group building activities in Fuxi Mountain Scenic Area of xinmi city.

In the past two years, Anneke Zhengzhou Company has continued to grow and develop. The company has four departments and one room under the engineering management department, marketing department, finance department, design service department, and office. By the foreign trade manager, business manager, project manager, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, structural engineer, finance specialist, etc. formed a vigorous, education and experience of the efficient management team, under the leadership of the company has been equipped with the blast furnace hot blast stove EPC general contracting capacity, it has successively undertaken the EPC project of newly-built hot blast stove for 1080m blast furnace of Tongling Rotary Special Steel, the PC project of newly-built hot blast stove for 1380m blast furnace of Jingang Steel, and the EP project of No. 24 hot blast stove for No. MMK7 blast furnace of Russia, and has provided refractory integration services for blast furnace hot blast stove projects such as Hebei Xinjin Steel, Baowu Meigang Steel, India, Wellespan and Danieli BMM.

The purpose of this team building is to relax after work and meet the next stage of work tasks in a state of physical and mental pleasure. The group building activity lasted one day and visited Fuxi Grand Canyon and Hongshilin Yunding Ranch, a famous scenic spot in Xinmi City. This activity enhanced mutual understanding among employees, made employees tolerate, trust and respect each other, and comprehensively enhanced team cohesion. During this period, the company leaders affirmed everyone's work performance in the first half of the year, and everyone expressed confidence and determination to complete the annual targets of Annike Zhengzhou Company.

Regularly organize group building activities, combine work and rest, and relax, which reflects Anneke's humanistic care for the company's employees and interprets the core culture of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and shareholder satisfaction. After this group building activity, all the staff of Anneke Zhengzhou Company will work hard with a more high-spirited attitude, forge ahead and strive hard for Anneke to become the preferred service provider of the global high temperature industry!