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Annike Won the Quality Benchmark of Henan Province





Recently, the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Announcing the List of Quality Benchmarks in Henan Province in 2022", and Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd. "New Paradigm Quality Management Experience with Full Participation" was recognized as "Henan Province Quality Benchmark".


At the beginning of its establishment, Annike has established the business policy of "honesty as the foundation, quality for survival, and technology for development" and the quality policy of "only genuine products, no defective products, and a factory pass rate of 100". Over the years, the company has strengthened Quality control, continuous innovation of quality management, based on the requirements of industry development and the needs of the company's internal management, has formed Annike's unique new paradigm quality management model of full participation. Anneke's new paradigm quality management adheres to the people-oriented and customer-centered management concept, and takes mobilizing and stimulating people's enthusiasm and creativity as the fundamental means. It has four characteristics: cross-departmental management, process management, index management and continuous on-site improvement. The promotion of the new paradigm management has gone through four steps, first, the organization of cross-departmental functional groups, then the combing of management systems and processes, the identification of indicators and measurement methods, and finally the removal of obstacles to continuous improvement. The new paradigm management has gone through four stages: cultural change, system construction, leadership construction and sustainable operation. The company closely revolves around the six key factors of employees, customers, products, quality, cost and process, adheres to the people-oriented, customer-centered, and builds the spirit of lifelong learning and full entrepreneurship. effectively build the vision building of Annike "becoming the preferred service provider of the global high temperature industry. In the process of promoting the new paradigm management, the company has established a new paradigm leading group to carry out quality status survey, sort out the process quality management system documents, promote the procedure, standardization and process of management, use PDCA tools to strengthen process management, continuously improve product quality, strengthen the control of suppliers' product quality, product research and development and technical management, and set up a cooperation mode of cross-functional team, change the way of work from the original island model that only focuses on internal assessment to the matrix of cross-departmental collaborative innovation. Implement the six key process management of delivery, quality, cost, efficiency, morale and safety with full participation, create an innovative cultural atmosphere of continuous improvement, and finally establish a lifelong learning system of active learning.

Since the implementation of the new paradigm management, the competitiveness of the company has been significantly improved, the company's main operating indicators have increased year by year, and the company's main product market share has been increasing year by year. The company's product design, procurement, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, equipment, The main measurement indicators of safety, environmental protection and other aspects have also been steadily improved, and the company's brand reputation and technological innovation have achieved fruitful results.

Looking to the future, Anneke will continue to innovate and practice the new people-oriented paradigm management, so that more companies realize that human learning and innovation are the central strategy of the company, and make greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.