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Annike won the bid for the EPC general contract project of hot blast stove system refractory material for blast furnace overhaul project of Xinjiang Kunlun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.





Recently, Annike won the bid of Xinjiang Kunlun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. 1# blast furnace overhaul project hot blast stove system EPC general contracting project. The project includes the structural design, supply and construction of the new 4# hot blast stove system and the transformation of the existing 3 hot blast stove systems.

Xinjiang Kunlun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is located in Urumqi. It is a modern iron and steel joint enterprise that conforms to the country's western development strategy and is the first to enter Xinjiang and invest in construction. There is currently 1 1260m3 blast furnace equipped with 3 "small hat" top-burning hot stoves. After more than 10 years of operation, the hot blast stove has encountered problems such as uneven sinking of lattice bricks, deformation and collapse of hot air outlet, brick falling in combustion chamber (vault), dislocation of mixing chamber (burner) nozzle, and excessive local temperature of hot air pipe shell. Taking advantage of this blast furnace overhaul, Xinjiang Kunlun Iron and Steel plans to build a new (4#) hot blast furnace first, and then transform the existing hot blast furnace after it is put into operation. Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd., together with Xinjiang Kunlun Iron and Steel, conducted a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the current situation and damage of the hot blast stove, with the goal of reducing investment, ensuring the construction period and meeting the service of the second generation of blast furnace for more than 30 years, formulated a practical implementation plan for the construction and renovation of the hot blast stove and successfully won the bid for the project.

After the completion of the new hot blast stove project, the other three existing hot blast stoves will be repaired as planned, and all the new and repaired hot blast stoves will adopt the rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove technology jointly developed by MCC Jingcheng and Annike. This technology was selected into the national key energy-saving technology promotion catalogue (the fifth batch) in 2012. It has the technical advantages of ultra-low air surplus coefficient (1.05), complete gas combustion, burner life of more than 30 years, 3% reduction in blast furnace gas consumption, and 65% lower NOx emission than the national ultra-low emission standard. It has been successfully applied to more than 3000 hot blast furnaces in more than 1000 large and medium-sized blast furnaces in the world and has achieved good economic and social benefits.