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Annike Undertakes EP Project of BMM Steel Hot Blast Stove Burner in India





On May 17, 2022, Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd. and Daniel Corus Company of Holland conducted a technical exchange on the ceramic burner project of the new top-burning hot blast stove of BMM Ispat Steel Company of India through video conference. The patented technology of Anneke burner was unanimously approved by Daniel Corus expert team, and both parties signed the EP contract of burner.

As a century-old international top steel equipment and technology company, DanielCorus enjoys a global reputation as a steel company. Since the start of the strategic cooperation with Anke in DanielCorus 2018, Daniel Corus has evaluated the rationality of the burner design of Anke cone-column rotary-cut top-fired hot blast stove and demonstrated the advancement of burner technology through several cold hot-state numerical calculations. The burner technology helps the ironmaking blast furnace to obtain sustained high air temperature, while reducing gas consumption and power consumption, and truly realize the goal of green steel and low-carbon development. The two sides have in-depth cooperation in a number of overseas projects and work together to contribute to green steel.

As the largest steel company in Karnataka, India, BMM Steel has continuously expanded its production capacity and optimized its product structure in recent years. This time a new 680m3 blast furnace will be built at its Danapur company, which will increase its production capacity by 800,000 tons after completion of the project. The three supporting hot stoves all use Anneke-type cone-column rotary-cut top-fired hot stove technology, which has significant advantages such as high air temperature, long life and low emissions compared to other types of top-fired hot stoves. This is also another promotion and application of Anneke cone column rotary cutting top burning hot blast stove technology in the Indian market after JSW steel.

In recent years, under the "Belt and Road" initiative proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Anneke has actively participated in the construction of ironmaking blast furnace hot blast stove projects in countries along the route. Anneke hot blast stoves have frequently appeared in the international market, and hot blast stove technology and products have successively entered Vietnam, India, Serbia, Russia, Malaysia and other internationally renowned steel companies. The successful implementation of foreign projects has brought new development opportunities for Annike, helping Chinese technology, Chinese standards, and Chinese products to go abroad and benefit the world.

As a pioneer in leading low-carbon and low-nitrogen hot blast stoves, Anneke has always made unremitting efforts to continuously promote the scientific and technological development of blast furnace hot blast stoves and the progress of refractory technology, serving the iron and steel industry at home and abroad with scientific and technological innovation, helping iron and steel enterprises to "reach carbon peak and carbon neutrality" with green, low-carbon, environment-friendly and efficient hot blast stove technology, and striving for the first choice service provider of global high temperature industry.