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The intelligent transformation of Anike 2 Tunnel Kiln was successfully completed

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On May 19, 2018, the automation and intelligent transformation project of the Anike 2 Tunnel Kiln was successfully completed and an ignition ceremony was held. The ignition ceremony was held at the No.

On May 19, 2018, the automation and intelligent transformation project of the Anike 2 Tunnel Kiln was successfully completed and an ignition ceremony was held. The ignition ceremony was held at the No. 2 tunnel kiln of Fuliang Company's firing workshop. Fu Ming Company's assistant manager Hui Mingyan presided over the company's chairman Li Fuchao, president assistant Yan Juxin, Fuliang company manager Zhang Fuqiang, and No. 2 kiln renovation contractor general manager Fan Deyou attended the ignition ceremony. .

At the ignition ceremony, Zhang Fuqiang, manager of Fuliang Company, delivered a speech to the personnel who participated in the ignition ceremony. The personnel who participated in the ignition ceremony explained the promotion effect of the automation and intelligent transformation on the rationalized production arrangement of the branch and the importance of improving the overall equipment level and energy conservation and environmental protection work. At 9:17, Chairman Li Fuchao announced "No. 2 kiln ignition".

Since 2018, the company has always regarded "equipment automation, intelligent upgrading and transformation" as one of the key tasks of the company's development. The successful commissioning of the No. 2 tunnel kiln intelligent and consumption reduction project is the important step for the company to implement the 2018 guiding ideology. Initiative. Through the transformation, the automation and intelligentization of the No. 2 tunnel kiln has been significantly improved, which not only contributes to the steady improvement of the company's product quality, but also effectively reduces the production cost and reduces the labor intensity of the employees. At the same time, it also improves the environmental performance of the company's equipment and saves energy. Well, it will help the company's smart manufacturing and green plant construction continue to improve.


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