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Spring Breeze Sends Jie, Annike Delivers Wonderful Answers for Key Projects in the First Quarter





The start determines the overall situation. In the first quarter of 2022, Anke has won key projects in the field of blast furnace ironmaking with green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnace technology. A number of key projects have started construction or been put into production smoothly. Annike has gone all out to interpret the core culture of the enterprise with customer satisfaction with practical actions, realize the implementation and landing of key projects, and make a good start for the production and operation of the whole year.

The spring breeze blows the earth, and the construction of various projects is in full swing. With the hard work of starting and sprinting and fighting, Anneke people accelerated the construction of key projects, achieved a good start in the first quarter, and laid a good start for the completion of the annual business goals.

On February 28, the No.2 blast furnace (2500m ³) of the transformation and upgrading project in Kungang New District was successfully ignited, supporting four new top-burning hot-blast stoves. The refractory materials for the whole system of hot-blast stoves were supplied by Anneke and provided with technical support.

On March 18, Fujian Dadonghai Fine Steel Project No.1 Blast Furnace Hot Blast Furnace was successfully ignited. The 2 × 1260m blast furnace of the project is equipped with 8 cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnaces. The ceramic burner adopts low nitrogen combustion technology and the design air temperature is 1220 ℃. Anneke adopts EPC general contracting mode of design, construction and supply. The smooth progress of the oven indicates that the No.1 blast furnace system in Dadonghai, Fujian will soon be put into operation smoothly.

On March 22, the Tianjin steel pipe hot blast furnace maintenance project contracted by Zhengzhou Annike successfully delivered air to the blast furnace for ignition. The 1000m blast furnace in the ironmaking plant was successfully delivered at 11: 58 on March 23. The blast furnace in the Tianjin steel pipe ironmaking plant resumed full production, and all the operation indexes of the hot blast furnace system met the design requirements, realizing production upon production.

On March 29, the No.3 blast furnace of Zhongtian Green Fine Steel Project was officially ignited and produced, and on March 30, iron was successfully tapped. The ironmaking system was integrated and contracted by China Metallurgical Sadie, supporting the construction of 3 blast furnaces, of which 2# and 3# blast furnaces (2400m ³) are equipped with 8 Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnaces, and 1# blast furnace (2300m ³) is equipped with 4 Sadies, the refractory materials for the whole system of 12 hot blast stoves matched with 3 blast furnaces are supplied by Anneke and provided with technical support.

On March 31, Baosteel Group Xinjiang Bayi Iron and Steel Hydrogen-rich Carbon Cycle Blast Furnace Phase III Project ushered in an important construction node, and the steel structure of the 1# heating furnace was successfully capped. According to the process route of the hydrogen-rich carbon cycle blast furnace of Bayi Steel, the third phase of the hydrogen-rich carbon cycle blast furnace is expected to achieve a carbon reduction of 30% after it is completed and put into operation. The heating furnace system needs the support of new safe and efficient gas heating technology and new refractory materials. With the technical advantages of low nitrogen, low carbon energy-saving burner and low iron and low porosity refractory materials, Anneke has won the approval of the general contractor, China Steel Equipment Company, and successfully won the bid for the development and supply of refractory materials for the key parts of the heating furnace burner and pipeline system.

As a pioneer in leading low-carbon and low-nitrogen hot blast stoves, innovation never stops. Anneke has always made unremitting efforts to continuously promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stoves and the progress of refractory technology, serving the steel industry with technological innovation, helping steel enterprises to achieve "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" with green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and efficient blast furnace hot blast stove technology, and striving for the preferred service provider of global high-temperature industry.