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Ningxia Yitong pellet 14 ㎡ shaft furnace put into operation smoothly





Recently, Annike undertook the construction of the 14 ㎡ shaft furnace overhaul project of Ningxia Shengyan Industrial Group (Yitong Industrial Co., Ltd.) No. 3 Factory Pelleting Group, and the oven was successfully put into operation. The pellet shaft furnace project by Annike to provide refractory materials and construction, pellet shaft furnace brick type complex and a wide variety of, Annike adhering to the principle of customer satisfaction, meticulous production, timely supply, efficient construction, daily construction content and progress are in accordance with the plan to complete on schedule. After the completion of the construction, it successfully passed the acceptance of the owner. On April 11, after 10 days of baking and trial production, the shaft furnace has been put into production and operation, and all operating parameters have reached the standard. Annike's products and services have been well received by the owner.

Ningxia Shengyan Group is a leading enterprise in China's silicon-manganese industry. It has 12 fully closed silicon-manganese alloy submerged arc furnaces, 5 medium, low and micro-carbon refining furnaces, 6 manganese-rich slag furnaces and 4 sintering production lines. In the overhaul project of the 14 ㎡ shaft furnace of the third branch of the factory, Shengyan Group once again chose Annike for supply and construction, which is Shengyan Group's high trust and affirmation of Annike's products and services.

Shaft furnace production of pellets is mainly used to improve the blast furnace iron-making concentrate material ratio, can make the blast furnace iron production increased, coke ratio and fuel reduction, reduce the pollution to the environment. Under the requirements of green development and innovative development of the iron and steel industry, pellets will replace sinter with a larger proportion of ingredients. Anneke, who is determined to become the preferred service provider in the global high temperature industry, will also follow the pace of the development of the iron and steel industry and continue to cooperate with well-known enterprises in the industry to continuously promote the scientific and technological development of pellet shaft furnaces and the progress of refractory technology!