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Concentric peers, results first-a glimpse of the company's management staff to expand training.





In order to enhance the cohesion of the company's management team, improve execution, and strengthen the results-first work orientation, all the company's management personnel conducted outward bound training in two batches from April 12 to 15, 2022.

Through activities such as ice-breaking and transcendent military training, mutual trust is established and a team atmosphere is created. Under the guidance of the coach, the participants were divided into two groups to carry out activities such as team name, singing team songs, making team flags, and studying team modeling. Subsequently, the two teams completed the team projects such as trust back wrestling, surpassing dreams and decisive battle in the form of competition, in which each member must be bold and careful, dare to challenge, encourage each other and overcome fear when trusting back wrestling; beyond dreams, let everyone understand the importance of good communication to team cooperation, the realization of team goals requires everyone to play a role, and personal success must be based on the joint efforts and support of other team members. The decisive battle is to let everyone understand the importance of accurate and effective transmission of instructions and resolute execution of orders through linear organization. Through the training of the above projects, each team saw the advantages and disadvantages of this group, at the same time, I also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, and understood that all work processes must ultimately be attributed to results.

The strength of each group is comparable and each has its own merits, but what we compare is not high or low, but in the process, what you have gained, what you have learned, what obstacles your previous working methods and behavior patterns have brought to your work, and what impact the distortion of the upload and release has brought to the execution.

Next, the trainees carried out colorful life, bumpy life road, graduation wall and other activities respectively. The bumpy life road made everyone realize the importance of fully believing in each other, and the process and perception of language communication, body language communication and spiritual communication. The graduation wall activity not only makes members understand that the strength of the team is infinite, the collective ability is great, and the potential of people is unlimited, but also brings endless emotion to all members; in the final real-life CS confrontation training, I fully practiced my own development training experience. In real operations, planning and deployment, division of labor and cooperation, troop morale, communication between superiors and subordinates, physical fitness, and adaptability are all important factors that determine the outcome.

Through the generation, display and integration of the team, we have strengthened our understanding and communication skills, reflecting the excellent team spirit. Everyone learns in practice, changes in experiential learning, benefits a lot, and has more life insights. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration, and courage, everyone deeply feels the essence of "teamwork" and the responsibility to be a member of the team. At this time, under the intense work and pressure, get close to nature, feel the green mountains and green waters, release the soul, mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the work, and provide a solid foundation for the company's humanistic construction and sustainable development.

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Team modeling

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Bumpy road of life

Colorful life

Trust back fall

Graduation Wall

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