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Russian MMK7# Blast Furnace 24# Hot Blast Stove Main Resistant Material Passing Acceptance Successfully





In March 2021, Annike and Russian Magnitogorsk Steel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MMK) signed a contract for the 24# hot blast furnace renovation project, which is to upgrade the 24# internal combustion hot blast furnace to Annike's fourth-generation cone-column rotary-cut top-fired hot blast furnace. Anneke provides hot blast stove design, refractory manufacturing, electrical equipment supply and installation, construction, commissioning services.

According to the requirements of the contract delivery and acceptance, from March 3 to March 4, 2022, Xu Wen, representative of MMK's Shanghai representative office, was invited to our company to accept four batches of 37-hole 20mm diameter lattice bricks for ARN42, AH130 and ARG95 of the hot blast stove body regenerator that have been produced and passed the self-inspection. According to the acceptance process, the representative of MMK Company Xu Wen first checked and reviewed the batch inspection plan and self-inspection process data prepared by our company, then checked the specifications and quality of the product packing box, measured the main dimensions of the product, verified the dimensions of aperture, hole spacing and taper, and checked the through-hole rate of the pre-assembled lattice bricks simulating on-site construction.

On March 4, Xu Wen, representative of MMK Company, signed the product acceptance report at our headquarters. The lattice brick used in the regenerator of this project passed the foreign acceptance smoothly. The 37-hole lattice brick with 20mm aperture of ARN42, AH130 and ARG95 used in the regenerator of this hot blast stove all met the technical requirements of the contract. During the acceptance process, the dedicated, dedicated and efficient work style of our quality inspectors was praised by Xu Wen, a representative of MMK. Annike people use practical actions to interpret the work goal of "paying close attention to quality and progress, customer satisfaction and market", and keep making progress to achieve the core culture of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and shareholder satisfaction.