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"Grasp New Opportunities and Strive for a New Journey"-The Company's 2021 Summary and Recognition Celebration and 2022 Annual Meeting





Taurus said goodbye to the cold wind, and Ruihu welcomed the spring with joy. On February 18, 2022, Zhengzhou annike industrial co., ltd. held its 2021 summary commendation celebration and 2022 annual meeting ceremoniously.

Host shines on stage

At 2:00 p.m., all the staff sang the national anthem and Annike's song to kick off the annual meeting. After the cheerful dance of "We Are All Dreamers", the host made his debut. First of all, Mr. Zhang Daoyun, executive vice president of the company, will make a work report for 2021. In the report, Mr. Zhang made a comprehensive review of the company's work in 2021, summarizing both highlights and shortcomings, and arranged and deployed the work in 2022. After the report, the literary and artistic programs written and performed by the company's employees came to the stage in turn. A song was affectionate or melodious, a segment of dance or youth or passion, and three and a half sentences amused the whole audience. Henan Henan opera attracted constant applause from the audience, and the whole annual meeting program was brilliant and climax was repeated. In the middle of the program, the 2021 Advanced Individual and Advanced Collective Awards were successively awarded. The chairman of the company, Li Fuchao, awarded a total of 27 students and college students who were admitted to undergraduate colleges and universities in 2021.

Executive Vice President Zhang Dao Operation 2021 Work Report

We are all dreamers.

"Peach Blossom"

"I believe"


Lend me some love.

Henan Opera

"Borrow another 500 years from heaven"

Zhou Fuchen, vice president of the company, read out the company's commendation decision.

Model Worker Awards

Advanced team awards

Advanced Individual Second Prize Award

Advanced Individual Second Prize Award

Chairman Li Fuzao awarded scholarship (I) to employees and students

Chairman Li Fuzao awarded scholarship (II) to employees and students

Chairman Li Fuzao awarded scholarship (III) to employees and students

Subsequently, the annual meeting entered the 2021 shareholder dividend link, the company's honorary chairman Qian Yunting explained the 2021 shareholder dividend situation. The chairman paid dividends on site for 91 shareholders eligible for dividends in 2021. Finally, Mr. Li Fuchao, chairman of the board of directors, delivered a new year's message of "seizing new opportunities and striving for a new journey". On behalf of the board of directors, the board of supervisors and the management team, he expressed his gratitude to all Anneke people and their families who have contributed to the development of Anneke in the past year. The chairman affirmed the achievements made in 2021, analyzed the problems existing in the work, and stressed that we must adhere to the core corporate culture of "customer satisfaction" and create customer value to the maximum extent. the production system should adhere to the quality policy of "only genuine products, no defective products, and the ex-factory qualified rate of 100", implement the concept that excellent products are made by excellent employees, and provide customers with high-quality products. The technical system should increase the intensity of technology research and development, and develop new processes and new products according to customer needs. The administrative system should do a good job in logistics support and provide good service guarantee for customers. The company should continue to unswervingly promote 6S on-site management, continuously improve the production and working environment of employees, increase technical reform efforts, and reduce the labor intensity of employees. Strengthen the construction of institutionalization and process, clarify work responsibilities, standardize work processes, and do a good job evaluation. Strengthen work execution, adhere to the "five practices" style, implement the "five decisions and five rates", promote the "eight grasps and eight guarantees", and implement the "chairman's admonition". All work revolves around the goal of "quality first to ensure progress and customer satisfaction to ensure the market", and makes joint efforts to achieve various business indicators and Annike's sustainable and healthy development in 2022.

Honorary Chairman Qian Yunting Presents Shareholders' Dividends

Chairman Li Fuzao issues dividend (I) for shareholders.

Chairman Li Fuzao issues dividend (II) for shareholders.

Chairman Li Fuzao issues dividend (III) for shareholders.

Chairman Li Fuchao's New Year Message

After the annual meeting, the company hosted a banquet for the employees, advanced individuals and student students who participated in the annual meeting. The board of directors, the board of supervisors, the management team and the company's party committee respectively sent new year's greetings and best wishes to everyone. All the Annike people who attended the dinner raised their glasses to celebrate and wished the great motherland prosperity and prosperity, prosperity and peace of the country and the people! I wish Annike a long and prosperous career foundation! I wish all Annike employees and their families, as well as customers and friends from all walks of life who care about and support the development of Annike a happy New Year! Family happiness! Year of the Tiger!