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Warmly Congratulate Tongling Rotary Special Steel 1# Blast Furnace Add 4# Hot Blast Furnace to Production





Recently, Tongling Rotary Special Steel Co., Ltd. 1# blast furnace added 4# hot blast stove officially put into operation, since put into operation so far everything is normal. The hot blast stove is designed, supplied and constructed by Zhengzhou annei hot blast stove engineering technology co., ltd. under general contract. the oven will be finished on December 6, 2021. after one month of trial operation, the hot blast stove will reach production and be effective when it is put into production. all technical indicators meet and exceed the technical requirements.

Tongling Rotary 1# blast furnace has a volume of 1080m ³. The newly-built 4# hot blast stove adopts EPC general contracting form. Anneke provides overall design, supply of refractory materials and equipment, and installation and construction of civil steel structures. The hot blast stove type is Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove with a design air temperature of 1230 ℃.

The newly added 4# hot blast stove adopts four core technologies of three-stage independent structure, three-dimensional mixed burner, high-efficiency small hole lattice brick and long-life hot blast pipeline, and integrates more than 60 patents and proprietary technologies of Anneke. It has five leading advantages of low investment, low emission, low maintenance, high wind temperature, long life and "three low and one high and long", which effectively meets the needs of iron and steel enterprises for energy conservation and emission reduction under the situation of carbon peak.

After the 4# hot blast stove was put into operation, the average air supply temperature was stable at 1245 ℃, the air supply time was 60 minutes, and the minimum value of NOX in the flue gas was measured to be less than 16mg/nm, and the peak value was not more than 45 mg/nm. The actual air supply temperature is higher than the design temperature, and NOX achieves ultra-low emission, which reflects Annike's strength in the overall design, supply and construction of hot blast stoves for many years.

In recent years, Anneke Company has successively added a new hot blast furnace to the original three hot blast furnaces of Donghai Special Steel 1580m ³ blast furnace, Nanyang Hanye 1580m ³ blast furnace, Shandong Shiheng 1080m ³ blast furnace and Shanxi Jingang 1080m ³ blast furnace, providing an overall solution for upgrading and reforming hot blast furnaces in the steel industry, reducing smelting costs and low carbon emissions.

At the beginning of the New Year, Tongling Cyclone's new 4# hot blast stove was officially put into operation. Anneke, with its characteristics of meticulous design, timely supply, fine construction, exquisite professionalism and efficient cooperation, provided up-to-standard operation data, obtained the approval of the owner, and achieved the original intention of the customer to transform the new hot blast stove. The customer's praise is the greatest affirmation to Anneke. Anneke will not forget its initial heart, keep its mission in mind, continue to promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, and strive to become the preferred service provider for the global high temperature industry.