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Technological innovation to help rapid development, Anneke frequently appeared in the global interpretation of "created in China" influence





"There is gradualness and continuity in technological development. New products and technologies can be quickly introduced to the market and recognized by customers. They must conform to the development of the country, meet the requirements of the times, and must break through the traditional production methods of the industry. Able to meet customer needs and optimize experience. Anneke cone column rotary cutting top burning hot blast stove has been rapidly promoted and applied, that is, through the technical characteristics of" three low and one high and long ", it not only helps the ironmaking blast furnace to obtain high air temperature, but also reduces the gas consumption and power consumption, so as to truly achieve both economic and social benefits". In the view of Chairman Li Fuchao of Anneke, only by adhering to the urgent needs of customers as the starting point, continuous technological innovation, strengthening R & D capabilities, and mastering core technologies as means to accelerate product structure adjustment can the long-term development of the company be realized.

In the field of top-burning hot blast stove technology, Anneke has formed a complete technical system and technical standards for high efficiency, clean and high air temperature. Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove technology has successfully obtained international patents in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. In recent years, under the call of the "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping, Anneke has actively gone out to participate in the construction and technology promotion of hot blast stove projects in countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route, and the successful implementation of foreign projects has brought new opportunities and expanded the space for development of Anneke.

Hegang Group Serbia Steel Plant is a Smederevo steel plant wholly acquired by Hebei Iron and Steel Group in April 2016. It is a metallurgical pillar enterprise with a history of 100 years in Serbia. The Serbian Steel Plant of Hegang Group has 2 blast furnaces. Annike upgraded its 2# blast furnaces 1# and 2# hot blast furnaces, transforming the original internal combustion hot blast stove into Annike's patented product-cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove.

The EPC general contracting project of No.2 blast furnace hot blast stove of Hegang Serbia Steel Plant is a representative case of Annike' going out'. The two hot blast stoves were renovated in turn. From the official start of the project in 2016 to the commissioning in 2018, Annike' focuses on the goal of building the Hegang plug steel hot blast stove project into a model of win-win cooperation along the belt and road initiative. Annike' has devoted its efforts and spared no effort to technology, management and capital export, after the transformation, the overall height of the two hot blast stoves is 7 meters lower than that of the original hot blast stove, the consumption of refractory materials is reduced by 2500 tons year on year, and the steel structure is reduced by about 200 tons, which is 1/3 less than that of the original hot blast stove body, thus reducing the investment and saving the operating cost. In the past 3 years of operation, the old and new systems have been well connected and operated smoothly. Under the conditions of using single low calorific value blast furnace gas to burn the furnace without air and gas preheating, the air temperature requirement of 1200 ℃ for single furnace air supply has been realized, which exceeds the expected effect of transformation.

The internal journal of Serbia Iron and Steel mentioned: "The 2# blast furnace 1# hot blast furnace built from March 11, 1985 to November 27, 1986 has finally taken on a new look. After the transformation, the hot blast furnace has increased the original air temperature, which can reduce the consumption of expensive coke in the production process and increase the income of our products in the international market. After the transformation of the hot blast stove in terms of energy saving and environmental protection, operating performance, or the stable operation of the blast furnace than the original hot blast stove greatly improved."

Enter the Russian market, Anneke to show strength again

Russia's Magnitogorsk Steel Group Company (MMK) is a leader in the Russian steel industry. Its 7# blast furnace has a capacity of 1280m ³ and is now equipped with 2 internal combustion hot blast furnaces and 2 Kalujin top combustion hot blast furnaces. This time, the internal combustion hot blast stove was upgraded to Anneke cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove. The project includes hot blast stove system design, complete set of equipment and materials supply and on-site technical service. In the preliminary scheme demonstration of the project, two European companies and an internationally famous Russian hot blast stove company participated in the project exchange. After several rounds of technical comparison and review by the owner, Anneke finally won the owner's approval with advanced technology, reliable products and professional service, the signing of the project makes Anneke the first Chinese enterprise to win the top-burning hot-blast stove project in Russia.

Since 2013, after Annike successfully implemented the EP project of 2 × 4350m extra-large blast furnace hot blast furnace in Formosa Hejing, Vietnam, the Vietnamese market has become Annike's bridgehead to enter the Southeast Asian market. Vietnam and Hefa Group is Vietnam's most potential and competitive iron and steel production enterprise. Hefa Group has built a 4 million-ton full-process blast furnace steelmaking plant since 2017. In the first phase of the project, four 1080m ³ blast furnaces will be built. Each blast furnace will be equipped with three Annike cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnaces. All refractory materials for the hot blast furnace system will be supplied by Annike in complete sets and provided with technical services. Four blast furnaces and 12 hot stoves were put into operation in 2019 and 2021, and the temperature of the hot blast furnace into the furnace was stable at more than 1250 ℃, which greatly reduced the fuel ratio and coke ratio of the blast furnace and was recognized by customers.

Shift from selling products to providing solutions

Efforts should be made to solve problems for iron and steel enterprises, rather than simply selling their own products; to accelerate the transformation from product suppliers to hot blast stove integrated technology service providers-this is Chairman Li Fuchao's positioning for the future development of the enterprise. And all this depends on continuous innovation.

In the field of refractory materials for blast furnace hot blast furnaces above 4000m in China, anike has a market share of more than 80%, and has integrated core refractory materials for super-large blast furnaces such as Shagang 5800m external combustion hot blast furnaces, Shougang Jingtang 3 × 5500m top combustion hot blast furnaces, Baosteel Zhanjiang 3 × 5050m top combustion hot blast furnaces, in particular, the integrated supply of more than 40000 tons of refractory materials for 8 hot blast furnaces of 2 × 4350m blast furnaces in Formosa Hejing, Vietnam, and the integrated supply of more than 50000 tons of refractory materials for 9 hot blast furnaces of 3 × 3200m blast furnaces in the relocation of Leting Iron and Steel Project of Hegang Xuangang, Anneke has pioneered the integrated supply of refractory materials for large blast furnace hot blast furnaces.

September 17, 2011 is the eighth anniversary of the establishment of Zhengzhou Anneke Industrial Co., Ltd. On this special day, the "New Hot Blast Stove Development and Application Research" project officially entered the implementation stage. Since the first hot blast stove was put into operation in 2014, more than 200 blast furnaces at home and abroad have adopted Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove technology. So, the new type of hot blast stove is why will get the favor of users at home and abroad?

The cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove is an innovative design based on sufficient basic research. Under the same design conditions, the height of the hot blast stove is lower, reducing the project investment by about 10%-18%; Reduce the difference between the vault temperature and the air supply temperature, and the vault temperature of 1330 ℃ can realize the air temperature of 1250 ℃; CO emission in flue gas is less than 100ppm and NOX emission is less than 50 mg/m, which is far lower than the national ultra-low emission standard, truly achieve low investment, low operation, low emissions, high air temperature, long life of the target requirements.

The research and development of cone column rotary cutting top burning hot blast stove mainly focuses on technical problems such as long-term low air temperature, high gas consumption, complex and easy damage of burner structure in China. In order to realize high blast temperature, high efficiency and low consumption of blast furnace, Anneke's production, research and application team has broken through the technical barriers in foreign hot blast stove field after more than 10 years of technical research and development and continuous innovation, integrating 67 company patents and proprietary technologies, with completely independent intellectual property rights, with high air temperature, long life, low energy consumption and other leading advantages. The core key technologies, equipment and refractory materials such as cone-column composite vault structure burner, multi-ring interlocking anti-channeling hot air outlet structure, self-locking closed pipeline structure have been creatively developed, which have solved a series of problems perplexing steel plant users such as burner gas nozzle explosion, hot blast furnace outlet collapse and high air temperature transmission, and can realize the stable and smooth operation of hot blast furnace system for more than 30 years.

Annike has established a dynamic and accurate digital-intelligent design system for modern hot blast stove, and has established a cold-hot joint test and research platform for top-burning hot blast stove in conjunction with MCC Jingcheng, Shougang International and Beijing University of Science and Technology, which has fully realized the digital and accurate calculation and design of all process parameters. It has independently developed a digital collaborative design platform for 3D simulation of the whole process, modeling-simulation-calculation-dynamic simulation of the whole process of gas flow, mixing and diffusion, combustion, heat transfer and transportation of top-fired hot blast stove, 11 national and industrial technical standards have been formulated, such as "Technical Specification for Energy Saving of High Air Temperature Top-Fired Hot Blast Stove for Blast Furnace" (GB/T30163-2013), "Technical Specification for Refractory Materials for Top-Fired Hot Blast Stove" (YB/T4638-2017), "Refractory Brick for Ceramic Burner of Hot Blast Stove" (YBT4128-2014), etc.

Due to the particularity of the blast furnace hot blast stove and the uniqueness of customer needs, to meet customer needs is to combine reality and provide them with overall solutions. For many years, Anneke has been adhering to the continuous promotion of the development of blast furnace hot blast stove technology and the progress of refractory technology Enterprise mission, Chairman Li Fuchao combined with the actual development of the enterprise, believes that the enterprise must truly become the main body of innovation, not eager for quick success and instant benefits ", that is, the technology and products developed should be closely integrated with the production needs of users, closely integrated with the problems that users urgently need to solve, and closely integrated with the development direction of the industry. Chairman Li Fuchao particularly emphasized that enterprises should attach importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and scientific and technological research and development projects should be transformed into productivity and become the driving force for enterprise growth.
The combination of strong and strong forces will enable Chinese standards, Chinese technology and Chinese creation to go abroad.

Chairman Li Fuchao emphasized that my country's opening-up strategy has deployed the "Belt and Road" policy for 7 years since it was proposed and implemented. How to seize and make good use of the "Belt and Road" opportunity requires four points: The trend of the times is to tap the complementary advantages of strong alliances. The third is to establish a brand awareness of a century-old plan, and the fourth is to look at the global innovation vision.

At present, the international market has become a new driving force for the development of Anneke. With its advantages in product integrated manufacturing and hot blast stove technology, Anneke has developed strong alliances with domestic large-scale metallurgical design institutes such as China Metallurgical Jingcheng, China Metallurgical Southern, China Metallurgical Saidi and Shougang International, and actively explored the international market, the successful implementation of hot blast furnace projects such as India's JSW 4233m Blast Furnace, Brazil's CSP 3800m Blast Furnace, Turkey's Edemir 3200m Blast Furnace, Iran's Zaland 1800m Blast Furnace, Indonesia's Kagang 1750m Blast Furnace, Indonesia's Dexin 2 × 1800m Blast Furnace, Turkey's Isdemir1600m Blast Furnace, Sweden's SSAB Oxelosund 850m Blast Furnace, proves that Anniac's, it is a successful practice and a brilliant reality.
Since its establishment, Anneke Company has paid attention to jointly exploring overseas markets with international famous enterprises. The technological progress of hot blast stove in the world has experienced the development and evolution of internal combustion type and external combustion type. In the future, top combustion type hot blast stove has become the development trend of hot blast stove. Italy Danieli Hogovan (Hoogovens) Company and Luxembourg PAUL WURTH Company are the representative enterprises of internal combustion type and external combustion type hot blast stove technology respectively, based on the concept of openness and tolerance, Anneke signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation with the above two companies on the market development of cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stoves, and will jointly occupy the high ground of the global hot blast stove market and form a strong alliance, Complementary advantages, equality and mutual benefit, and common development of the enterprise community. The continuous application of cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove technology with my country's independent intellectual property rights in the international market marks that Chinese standards, Chinese technology, and Chinese creations have gone abroad, breaking the hot blast stove market that has been monopolized by foreign companies for a long time. The country has created foreign exchange and considerable economic benefits for customers.

Technological innovation has driven Annike's industrial upgrading, built a comprehensive platform for scientific research, broke through technical bottlenecks, and technological innovation and achievement transformation have also helped Annike to walk in the forefront of the world in the field of blast furnace hot blast stoves. Looking forward to the future, Annike will unremittingly pursue technological innovation, improve competitiveness and realize corporate value, and is committed to becoming a world-leading hot blast stove system integration service provider.