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The democratic life meeting of the company's section chief and workshop director was successfully held.





On the afternoon of November 4, 2021, the democratic life meeting of the company's section chief and workshop director was held at the Luban Joy Hotel in xinmi city. Chairman Li Fuchao, President Zhang Daoyun, all section chiefs and workshop directors attended the democratic life meeting, which was presided over by President Zhang Daoyun.

General Manager Zhang informed and affirmed the achievements made by all cadres and employees in the first three quarters, expounded the problems existing in the company's current operation and management, and expounded the purpose and requirements of holding this democratic life meeting.

Then, 10 section chiefs and 10 workshop directors spoke freely in turn, and conducted extensive discussions on how to strengthen work coordination and communication and improve work execution efficiency. Among them, Chief Sun Yanjun of the marketing company said: As the leading department of the company, the marketing company will actively play a pioneering role. Through organizing collective activities, systematic management training and accurate quantification of work, the marketing company will enhance its sense of responsibility, improve its enthusiasm for work, enhance its mutual identity, strive to complete the annual marketing targets and drive the overall development of the company. Chief Cheng Hongli of Fuliang Company said: Strengthening communication and coordination in production, marketing and logistics can solve many problems, and listed the problems of slow promotion of 6S management, imperfect rules and regulations, lack of equipment operating system training, etc.

Later, the participants expressed their opinions on the future development of the company and put forward their own ideas and suggestions. The chairman said: At present, due to the dual influence of "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" and "environmental protection control in autumn and winter and Winter Olympics", the new blast furnace market of domestic iron and steel enterprises will gradually shrink in the future. In addition, the prices of raw materials, fuel and electricity will rise, The new crown epidemic and refractory industry will be included in double high enterprises, the development pressure of refractory industry is huge. However, combined with the development direction of green, intelligent and automatic transformation and upgrading to help enterprises develop with high quality in the national "14th Five-Year Plan" and the current situation of low concentration and weak brand influence in refractory industry, it highlights that there is sufficient development space in refractory market. It is believed that through talent introduction and equipment upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement, income increase and overall management level improvement, as well as the upgrading and construction of Luoyang Annike's hot blast stove R & D center and refractory R & D and testing center, coupled with the commissioning of information-based and intelligent green factories, will surely enable the company to establish a brand-new corporate image in the hot blast stove field and refractory industry, and continuously enhance the company's brand influence in the hot blast stove technology refractory market.

Finally, Chairman Li Fuchao said that through this open democratic life meeting, he collected practical problems and sincere suggestions from middle-level cadres, and stressed that as a company leader, he should be good at listening to the voice of employees, resolve their work problems and have the courage to correct himself. He also said that he would continue to support everyone's work in the future and promote the common growth of the company and individuals.

With the convening of this democratic life meeting, the company's section-level managers spoke freely about the company's management, and the company's leaders listened carefully to their voices and followed advice. Through the meeting, the company unified their understanding and enhanced their confidence in development. Everyone said one after another that they must conscientiously perform their duties and strengthen work communication and coordination, better work together to fulfill the company's mission of continuously promoting the development of blast furnace hot blast furnace technology and the progress of refractory technology and achieve the full-year operating targets for 2021.