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The 19th meeting of the 6th board of directors of the company was successfully held





From October 21 to 22, the 19th meeting of the sixth board of directors of the company was held in Luoyang Annike Technology Co., Ltd., the industrial agglomeration area of Yichuan County. All directors and supervisors of the company attended the meeting. Management personnel at or above the ministerial level conducted a work report in the third quarter at the meeting, which was presided over by Chairman Li Fuchao.
At the meeting, the directors and supervisors listened carefully to the work report of the management personnel at the ministerial level and above, and commented on the problems existing in the work of the reporting personnel. The meeting reviewed and approved the "Production and Operation Analysis Report for the First Three Quarters of 2021" and "The Company's Work Summary for the Third Quarter of 2021 and Work Arrangements for the Fourth Quarter".
Chairman Li Fuchao made a concluding speech at the meeting. He said that the refractory industry is developing in the direction of intelligence, automation, standardization, green, environmental protection, and high quality, and gradually forming intelligent manufacturing, standardized production, and green and low-carbon. Industrial model. How to change from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" has become the primary problem faced by enterprises, so the upgrading of manufacturing equipment has become inevitable. The establishment of Luoyang Annike Technology Co., Ltd. is of great strategic significance to the development of the company. It has realized the transformation and upgrading of the company from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a green intelligent manufacturing enterprise. It is a major step for the company to implement the intelligent transformation strategy. Luoyang Annike Technology Co., Ltd. will build a high-temperature technology new material industrial park, focus on intelligent manufacturing, green low-carbon, and standardized operation, effectively reduce production costs, improve product quality, meet market demand, and achieve green, intelligent, and digital. Complete the successful transformation from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing.
Chairman Li Fuchao stressed that in the fourth quarter of 2021, the board of directors of the company will focus on the work arrangements for the fourth quarter, strengthen the implementation, continue to urge the effective implementation of various key tasks, and strive to achieve various operating indicators in 2021. Adhere to the policy of leading technology and leading service, commit to the research and development and promotion of cone-column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast stove, take the maximization of customer value as the guidance, and realize common growth with customers.
At the end of the meeting, Chairman Li Fuchao led all directors and supervisors to swear to contribute their wisdom and energy to the development of the company with safety, efficiency, patience and thoughtfulness, self-denial and enterprise as their own responsibility!