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Two Technology Innovation Patents of Anneke Passed the Preliminary Evaluation





In recent years, the technical team of Zhengzhou Annike Company has continued to pursue technological innovation, and has continuously achieved major technological breakthroughs through the combination of theory and practice. Recently, two invention patents to solve the problem of hot blast stove piping system passed the preliminary evaluation.

Invention patent of sectional three-way fork structure for 1. hot air pipeline system

Most of the hot blast stove systems are arranged in a row. Affected by the periodic thermal expansion in the hot blast pipe, the uneven longitudinal and transverse displacement at both ends of the hot blast branch pipe and the blind plate force, the three forks of the hot blast pipe are easy to fall brick and collapse, which brings great production and safety risks to the blast furnace, and directly affects the production cost and the service life of the hot blast stove.

The invention patent of sectional three-way fork structure of hot air pipeline system adopts sectional masonry structure, and the three-way fork structure and hot air pipeline structure are designed independently. The three-way fork structure is not affected by periodic thermal expansion, the bite area of the main branch pipe is large, and the stability is good. It has been successfully applied to several blast furnaces of 3000m or more for more than 8 years, and the use effect is good, which completely solves the collapse problem of brick dropping brick structure of three-way.

2. hot air pipeline valve quick replacement structure invention patent

When the hot air branch pipe is in the alternating state of air supply and rest, the expansion and contraction of the hot air branch pipe bricks cause uneven stress on both sides of the valve plate of the hot air valve, which seriously squeezes the valve plate and makes it difficult to replace the valve body. The quick replacement structure of the hot air pipeline valve adopts a separate masonry structure of special-shaped refractory bricks and the hot air valve body. When the hot air valve body is replaced, the masonry on both sides of the hot air valve is not damaged, and the hot air valve flange is effectively prevented. The shell temperature is nearly 50 degrees, and the service life of the hot air valve is improved.

Over the past 18 years, Anneke has always been committed to the R & D and innovation of top-burning hot blast stove technology and supporting refractory materials, and currently has more than 100 domestic patents for inventions and utility models. The cone-column rotary-cutting top-burning hot blast stove technology jointly developed with MCC Jingcheng has won international invention patents in Japan, Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia.

Adhering to the enterprise mission of continuously promoting the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, Anneke adheres to scientific and technological innovation, devotes itself to green development, and makes unremitting efforts to become the preferred service provider of global high temperature industry.