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An Nike celebrates its fifteenth anniversary

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Fifteen years of hard work and the same boat, all the people will start a new flight. On September 17, 2018, Zhengzhou An Nike Industrial Co., Ltd. celebrated its fifteenth birthday.

Fifteen years of hard work and the same boat, all the people will start a new flight. On September 17, 2018, Zhengzhou An Nike Industrial Co., Ltd. celebrated its fifteenth birthday.

At 8:18 in the morning, the company's headquarters, Fuliang branch, and Fuhua branch held a flag-raising ceremony at the same time. Li Fuchao, chairman of the company, Lu Yingjun, secretary of the party committee, and Yan Juxin, assistant to the president, attended the flag-raising ceremony and delivered speeches of the three places. The majestic national anthem and the singer Annick’s song greet Anike’s birthday.

In order to celebrate Ann's fifteenth birthday, the company planned and organized the Anikeke 15th Anniversary Corporate Culture Knowledge Contest and the singing competition. After the intense and preliminaries in the early stage, six teams from the final knowledge contest and the singing competition entered the celebration. The final of the day.

At 2:30 in the afternoon, all the staff gathered in the multi-purpose hall of the headquarters to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary, and held the Anike corporate culture knowledge contest and the finals and awards ceremony of the singing competition.

The knowledge competition activities are based on the Anike “Employee Handbook”, which includes: company profile, corporate culture, common knowledge of the company profile, management system common sense, safety operation common sense, quality management common sense, refractory knowledge, hot stove knowledge and other eight sections. The content is rich and covers a wide range, and all units organize employees to learn together. After a full written test, each unit preliminaries and other aspects, after the selection of layers, there are finally six teams to participate in the finals of the 15th anniversary celebration. The finals are divided into three rounds. There are mandatory questions and rushing questions. Each round is eliminated and the score is cleared. The schedule is tight and the atmosphere is warm. After fierce competition, the final marketing company team, the comprehensive department team and Fuhua The management team won the first, second and third prizes of the final of the corporate culture knowledge contest.

The singing contest is a form of chorus. After the pre-match of each unit, the headquarters, Fuliang Company and Fuhua Company respectively sent two teams to the finals. Each team sang two songs, one for "An Anke's Song" and one for a self-selected red song. . Accompanied by the song "An Song of Anike", "There is no New China without the Communist Party", "Unity is Power", "The Yellow River Chorus", "Singing the Motherland" and other performances of the first chorus, the atmosphere of the whole event also reached a climax.

The award ceremony was held at the celebration, and the winners and individuals of the knowledge contest, the song contest, and the 15th anniversary greetings were commended and presented. During the commendation period, the Annick employee special contribution award was also awarded, and the employees who have been working in the company since the beginning of the construction of the company and have been working with the company have been commended. After the selection, the company's chairman Li Fuchao and the finance department Li Sanmin won the special contribution award. The chairman of the company's board of supervisors, Qian Yunting, and party secretary Lu Yingjun presented the awards.

After the awarding ceremony, Mr. Li Fuchao, the chairman of the company, delivered a warm speech. The chairman of the board of directors first expressed his gratitude to all Anike employees, and thanked everyone for their dedication and dedication to the company's development over the past 15 years. The chairman and everyone reviewed the 15 years of development of Anike. From the foundation of the company to the formal production, from the establishment of Fuhua Company to the establishment of Fusteel and then to the establishment of Beijing Engineering Technology Company, the company realized the use of blast furnace hot blast stove. The supply of refractory products in all areas is extended to the EPC sector. From the identification of the provincial enterprise technology center to the completion of the Henan Provincial Academician workstation, from the 19-hole, 37-hole, 61-hole lattice brick patent to the market promotion of the patent application of the cone-column composite top-burning hot blast stove, Anike products and The technology has achieved great success in marketing. In the past 15 years, the company has provided refractory materials for more than 2,000 different types of hot blast stoves in more than 600 large and medium-sized blast furnaces around the world, and it is Jiangsu Shagang, Shougang Jingtang and Baosteel Zhanjiang. The hot blast stove equipped with extra large blast furnaces such as Hejing in Vietnam integrates core refractory materials. The Anike brand has become a well-known leading brand in the field of domestic blast furnace hot blast stoves, and has begun to go abroad and step onto the international stage. In the past 15 years, the company has promoted Anike's products and technologies to Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey and other international markets, and has been highly recognized by customers. Every step of Anike's development is full of the contributions and sweat of all Anikes. Every growth of Anike is the wisdom and innovation of all Anikes. Finally, Chairman Li Fuchao hopes that all Anikes will not forget their original intentions and continue. Go forward and work together to achieve the continuous and rapid development of Anike!

Hand in hand for fifteen years, the same boat, the company has taken it to the next level; struggled for several spring and autumn, and united in the city, and now restarts the new journey. Looking back, Anike has been hurricane and rainy, but has always maintained the corporate mission of “continuously promoting the development of blast furnace hot blast stove technology and refractory technology progress”. Looking forward to the future, Anike people will continue to carry forward their goals and dreams, and strive to become a global high temperature. The industry's preferred service provider struggles!