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Shanxi Jinnan Iron and Steel Phase II 3# Blast Furnace Hot Blast Stove Successfully Ignite





On September 15, 2021, the hot blast stove of No. 3 blast furnace of Shanxi Jinnan Iron and Steel Phase II was successfully ignited. So far, the second phase of Shanxi Jinnan Iron and Steel ironmaking project has been fully put into operation and entered the countdown.

The ironmaking system project of Shanxi Jinnan iron and steel group co., ltd. capacity replacement and upgrading project is 2 × 1860m blast furnace, which is equipped with 8 top-fired hot blast furnaces. the project is contracted by China metallurgical south EPC, the hot blast furnace burners are supplied by anike in complete sets, and the hot blast furnace uses blast furnace gas to achieve a blast temperature ≥ 1250 ℃.

The design of hot blast stove adheres to the concept of ecology and greening, adopts a series of new processes and technologies, represents the development direction of a new generation of high air temperature hot blast stove, and has reached the domestic advanced level. Annike Company, in conjunction with China Metallurgical South, has realized the digital accurate calculation and design of all process parameters of hot blast stove based on the advanced dynamic accurate digital-intelligent design system of hot blast stove in the industry and the cold-hot joint test platform of top-fired hot blast stove. By adopting swirl burner, the emission index of low nitrogen combustion, NOx and other pollutants can be realized <70 mg/m, it is more than 50% lower than the current "Ultra-low Emission Standard for Air Pollutants in the Iron and Steel Industry", which is the strictest in the industry, to achieve ultra-low emission of hot blast stove flue gas. Under the background of the national promotion of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", Jinnan Iron and Steel Group has become a "green and low-carbon benchmark enterprise" and "environmental protection Class A enterprise".

Annike has always led the top-burning hot blast stove technology to high air temperature, long life, low energy consumption and low emissions with scientific and technological innovation. Large-scale, green and intelligent development, with the whole process operation service system to help the steel industry to achieve green energy saving and high-quality development.

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