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On September 17, 2021, Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. ushered in its 18th birthday. At 8: 18 a.m., the company's headquarters, fuliang branch and fuhua branch held a flag-raising ceremony at the same time. chairman Li fuchao, president Zhang daoyun and vice president Zhou fuchen attended and delivered speeches respectively, reviewing anike's hard work and vigorous development in the past 18 years, and encouraging anike people to work together and innovate.
A round of autumn shadow turns to golden waves, and the flying mirror grinds again. Looking back 18 years ago today, Anneke laid the foundation for the construction of Xinmi Science and Technology Industrial Park. Eighteen years of vicissitudes of life to start a business, eighteen years of journey to forge brilliant, we have had hardships, but we Anneke people indomitable, wind and rain, not afraid of hardships, overcome difficulties, in the joint efforts of Anneke people, zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. has now developed into a "high-tech enterprise with high output temperature, long life, low energy consumption, low emission, low investment blast furnace hot blast stove technology, supporting a full range of refractory manufacturing and EPC general contracting projects as its core business. Today, as Anneke people, we feel proud and proud.

Climbing again and again, crossing again and again, the frames are like waterfalls and water hanging in front of you.

From 2003 to 2008, the company successively established Anneke Fuliang, Anneke Fuhua, Anneke Beijing and Anneke Fugang branches, which have the production capacity of full coverage of refractory products in the field of blast furnace hot blast stove.

From 2008 to 2012, the company successively passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management system; won many awards such as Chinese famous brands, Henan famous brand products, Henan famous trademarks, Henan quality integrity AAA industrial enterprises and Zhengzhou Mayor Quality Award; presided over and participated in the drafting of a number of national standards for hot blast stoves and refractory materials. During this period, Anneke made concerted efforts to establish the world's first top-fired hot blast furnace CFD digital model cold and hot simulation comprehensive laboratory. Relying on this platform, the company actively promoted the research and development of super-large high-temperature top-fired hot blast furnace equipment technology. It has successively configured hot blast furnace integrated core refractory materials for Jiangsu Shagang, Shougang Jingtang, Baosteel Zhanjiang, Vietnam Hejing and other super-large blast furnaces, marking the company's move from single refractory materials manufacturing to refractory materials integration.

From 2013 to 2019, on the basis of more than ten years of experience in hot blast furnace technology research and development and innovation, the company successfully developed the "Anneke cone column rotary cutting top-burning hot blast furnace". As a result, Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. high-speed forward, made a breakthrough achievements.

The signing of the first international business EPC (Turkey) project; The first independent intellectual property right "Anneke cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove" was officially put into operation in Changzhou Dongfang Special Steel; The project "Research and Application of Key Technology of High Blast Temperature in Super Large Blast Furnace" won the first prize of Metallurgical Science and Technology and the first prize of Henan Province Science and Technology Progress; "Cone column rotary cutting top combustion hot blast stove" technology to achieve the largest domestic 2800m3 blast furnace project and foreign 1590m3 blast furnace project promotion and application of achievements, all marks the company from refractory integration to EPC general contracting project and technology output of high-tech enterprises transformation. Up to now, Zhengzhou Anneke Industry has followed the national strategy of "the belt and road initiative". Anneke's 4th generation top-fired hot blast stove has successfully entered international markets such as Vietnam and Hefa Steel, RASHMI Steel in India, and Serbia Steel in Hegang. At present, the company has built and renovated more than 200 hot blast stove projects at home and abroad in the EPC general contracting mode.

In 2020, under the shadow of the global raging of the new crown pneumonia, Anneke team carefully organized, pragmatic and co-ordinated, closely around the annual production and operation indicators, consolidate the "sales contract", "product quality", "production cost" as the main line of management system, annual shipments hit a new high, non-refractory contracts to complete the annual plan target of three times. In August of the same year, Zhengzhou Annike Hot Blast Stove Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Zhengdong New District, marking the new journey of Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. to specialize in a new direction.

Looking back on the past, scenes of historical fragments reflect passionately in front of us, converging into a history of Annike's own struggle.

2021 is destined to be another extraordinary year in the development of Annike. The shadow of the new crown pneumonia has not yet dissipated, the devastating floods are raging, in the face of natural disasters, Anneke people once again stand up unyielding backbone, go all out to ensure that the product is delivered on time. Anneke's team is pragmatic and coordinated, down-to-earth, and the company's operation is moving forward steadily. In the first eight months, it has successively signed a series of key projects such as Zhongtian Nantong, with contract orders of nearly 0.6 billion yuan, delivery of more than 150000 tons, and construction of more than 30 sites. On the premise of stabilizing the domestic refractory market, it has increased the development of the international market. Up to now, it has signed foreign trade projects such as India JSW and Russia MMK, with contract orders of nearly 50 million yuan. In the fourth quarter of 2021, all employees of Annike will continue to strengthen the promotion of technical marketing, and at the same time strictly implement the product quality control system with "four inspections and fifteen inspections" as the core, and strengthen the quality training and safety training of middle-and middle-level employees. In the daily management work, the layout work is scientific and reasonable, and the implementation effect is meticulous. All work is promoted around the work goal of "quality first guarantee progress, customer satisfaction guarantee market", and joint efforts are made to achieve various business indicators in 2021 and the sustainable and healthy development of Anneke.

Eighteen years of vicissitudes of life, spring and autumn; Eighteen years of starlight, magnificent song of triumph, the age of youth, the prosperity of youth. In the face of the challenge of not advancing or retreating, we must not slack off at all. Let us work together to continuously promote the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, and let us work together to become the preferred service provider for high-temperature industry!

Headquarters Flag-raisers line up

Flag Raising Ceremony at Headquarters

Chairman Li Fuchao attended the flag-raising ceremony of the headquarters and delivered a speech

Fuliang all staff style

President Zhang Daoyun attended the flag-raising ceremony of Fuliang and delivered a speech

Fuhua all staff style

Vice President Zhou Fuchen attended the Fuhua flag-raising ceremony and delivered a speech