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Anneke won the title of "little giant" of national specialization





Recently, Zhengzhou Annike Industrial Co., Ltd. won the honor of "little giant" enterprise specialized and special new from the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China.

Specialized and special new "little giant" enterprises refer to the "vanguard" enterprises that focus on market segmentation, strong innovation ability, high market share, master key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency. It is to thoroughly implement the spirit of the important instructions and instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on "cultivating a group of'specialized, special and new' small and medium-sized enterprises" and enhancing the innovation capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises, and implement the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" by the Central Office and the State Council. It was produced through the procedures of preliminary review and recommendation by the competent departments of small and medium-sized enterprises at the provincial level, demonstration of industry associations, and medium-sized enterprises, and expert review.

On July 30, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to analyze and study the current economic situation and deploy economic work in the second half of the year. General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting, which once again emphasized the need to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and the resilience of the industrial chain supply chain, strengthen basic research, promote applied research, carry out special actions to supplement the chain and strengthen the chain, speed up the solution of the "stuck neck" problem, and develop specialized and specialized new small and medium-sized enterprises.

Perceived the call of the times, Anneke was established with the mission of continuously promoting the scientific and technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology. The Anneke cone-column rotary-cutting top-burning hot-blast stove with independent intellectual property rights breaks through the technical barriers of the international hot-blast stove industry, solves a number of "stuck neck" key technologies, and integrates more than 100 patents and proprietary technologies of the company, focusing on the hot problems such as low air temperature, low thermal efficiency, high gas consumption, high NOx emission value, dislocation of burner nozzle, collapse of hot air outlet, sinking of lattice brick, and short service life of hot air stove caused by deformation of pipe system, through systematic research and development, the pain points of frequent blast furnace air suspension and high cost before iron caused by the above problems have been completely solved, with the technical advantages of "high air temperature, long life, low energy consumption, low emission and low investment", it will help the green development of the iron and steel industry. More than 2400 hot blast stove projects with 600m to 3200m blast furnaces at home and abroad have been newly built and renovated in EPC general contracting mode.

The national specialization and special new "little giant" enterprise is an affirmation of Annike's past and an incentive for Annike to move forward in the future. Do not forget your initiative mind's mission, Anneke, will, as always, uphold the corporate mission of continuously promoting the technological development of blast furnace hot blast stove and the progress of refractory technology, use green technology to coordinate the intelligent upgrading of the steel industry, steadily achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and strive to become the preferred service provider in the global high temperature industry!

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Specialized in Special New "Little Giant" Public List